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5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Infection Control Technology

Posted by HEPACART on Dec 11 2017 05:58 PM

For healthcare facilities across the globe, infection control remains a top concern. It is essential that facilities operate in such a way that reduces the instance of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) for their vulnerable patients, and prevent the spread of disease amongst their staff as well.

Recent innovations in infection control technology mean that while the human element will always be a hurdle, there are ways to invest in new technologies that can ultimately improve patient outcomes, which should be the goal of infection control for facilities managers

Following are just five reasons that it may be time to evaluate your current infection control technology and consider an upgrade.


1. An Infection Control Audit Shows Gaps

Regular audits and inspections are a critical part of any successful infection control program. When a regular assessment shows that there are gaps in your protocol, it’s time to consider repairing or upgrading your infection control technology. Indeed, this is the most important reason to consider a change -- because something simply isn’t working as it should and it is putting your facility at risk.


2. The Infection Control Technologies in Use Have New Iterations

Any healthcare professional knows not to fall victim to every shiny new piece of equipment, so just because there is a new version of something you use does not necessarily mean it’s time for a replacement. Rather, it’s important that when new versions become available, those upgrades are assessed for their usefulness. Much like new iterations of mobile phones, some technology upgrades are better in name only and do not have new useful features or improved efficacy, so be sure that your investment is going to have an impact on patient and staff safety.


3. Current Infection Control Protocol is Too Time Consuming

Your staff knows that proper infection control takes time to do right. However, when processes take too long, it is easy for staff to get sloppy or even skip them altogether. Advanced infection control technology like UV disinfection can work much more efficiently than older, manual methods so if you find that your current methods are a time suck, it may be time to invest in something better.


4. You Want a New Way to Improve Patient Experience

Healthcare facilities have always been keen to improve patient experience, but in recent years it has become even more critical. As facilities work to improve the flow of patients, wait times, staff communication and other factors impacting how a patient feels when they enter the facility, it is important not to overlook infection control. After all, a patient that leaves your facility with an HAI is unlikely to have a good time. Investing in new infection control technology can be another way to improve the patient experience.


5. Upkeep of Your Existing Tools is Cost Prohibitive

Every piece of technology reaches a point where the cost to continue to repair it is simply not worth it. At times, the excessive cost may manifest purely in dollars spent on repair, but in other cases, the cost may come in time spent by facility staff on repairs, on calling repair professionals, and on finding workarounds while repairs are in process. When the ROI for your existing technology has dipped too low, investing in a new piece of equipment can be well worth it.

If you are ready to improve the infection control for facilities manager and other healthcare professionals at your facility with new technology, Hepacart can help. Click below to complete our project assessment form, and we can help you choose the right technology for the job.

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