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Questions to Ask a Contractor before a Ceiling Access Project

Ceiling access projects, potentially, can become one of the biggest loopholes in any healthcare facility’s Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) guidelines and practices. It introduces a range of external equipment and personnel with IPC practices, equipment functionality, integrity, …

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Infection Control Directors Focus on Ceiling Access Regulations

The list of different procedures and best practices that an infection control director needs to commit to memory is practically endless. Indeed, they seem to be constantly changing and shifting, subject to outside pressures as well as new research. The same can be said of ceiling acce …

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2015 PDC Summit: Take the Opportunity to Learn

As business professionals it can be much too easy to get wrapped up in the day to day tasks of our jobs. Meetings, conference calls, email, and power lunches help each month run into the next. That's why it is so important to get out of our daily routines once in a while and learn som …

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2015 PDC Summit: Exploring New Products

Trade shows like the 2015 PDC Summit are one of the most efficient ways to find new products - whether you are a manager looking to take your facility's efficiency to the next level or a product retailer that wants to expand your offerings. Hundreds of booths will be ready and eager t …

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2015 PDC Summit Tip: Following Up With Contacts

So you're all revved up about attending the 2015 PDC Summit! That's understandable since it's a stocked pond of contacts, all looking for products, services or logistical solutions like those you offer. The question is: are you skilled enough to reel them in and convert them to sales? …

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5 Benefits of Attending Industry Trade Shows

While every trade show may differ in its logistics - different exhibitors, different locales, different people - they are all similar in purpose. Every trade show strives to bring people from the same industries together in a way that benefits both the exhibitors and the attendees. So …

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How Negative Air Machines Help Prevent Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAIs)

Patient safety is critical in any healthcare setting, and one important part of that is preventing hospital  infections. There is never enough you can do to prove that infection control and containment are a top priority. While contact transmission is the most common for hospital-acqu …

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