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UV-Force Equipment

What is UV-FORCE®?

At the core of our UV-FORCE® technology is a patented lamp that uses far-UVC light to disinfect the air and surfaces by destroying viruses and other dangerous pathogens. It’s a chemical-free sterilization method that's safer and more effective than other UV technologies.

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To understand how our HEPAFORCE® Air Filtration & Purification equipment works, it’s helpful to start by defining the terms air filter, air purifier, negative air machine, and air scrubber. Some think these are interchangeable, while others believe they have slightly different connotations and applications. Here’s a quick look into the terminology and how each is used.

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HEPACART® Environment Ceiling Access Containment Cart Comparison

Download our specification sheets to compare HEPACART® models easily and find the one with the features that will help keep your facility maintenance projects running smoothly while ensuring patient -- and worker -- safety. 

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10 Facts About Far-UVC

Download the 10 Facts About Far-UVC guide to  learn what far-UVC means, how it compares to other UV disinfection options, and why UV-FORCE® could be a better solution for healthcare facilities, longer-term care facilities, schools, and more.

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HEPACART® Buying Guide

Download our HEPACART® Comparison Guide to get an easy to read eBook of containment models, safety features, filtration capabilities for HEPACART® containment systems and more.

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A Complete Guide to Hospital AnteRooms

Our portable, reusable hospital anteroom is an effective dust containment measure in addition to providing temporary Class IV patient isolation.

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Compliance Standards

The Joint Commission evaluates, accredits and certifies more than 20,000 healthcare organizations and programs in the US. Download Now

Tools for Infection Control

Hospitals and construction workers need to be aware of the tools to protect patients from infections. Download Now

Practical Standards

There are three basic standards recommended to clean the air during a construction or renovation project. Download Now


Read what our customers had to say about the HEPACART® products and how they safely completed their projects. Read Now

Sample Infection Control Construction Permit

Find out what you need to fill out to receive an Infection Control Permit before beginning construction. Download Now

ICRA Guidelines

Download our free matrix to determine Class of Precautions (I, II, III or IV) or level of infection control activities required. Download Now

HEPACART® Ceiling Access Containment Cart Specifications

Utilizing the right tools is the most important part of a proper containment protocol. Download Now

Guide to The 2017 Trends In Healthcare Facility Management

As a healthcare facilities manager, do you know where every dollar is going? Learn: why healthcare facilities management is more critical than ever, how Accountable Care Organizations are changing the face of facilities management, and what we predict for 2017.

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Infection Control For Facilities Managers: The Complete Guide

Infection Control For Facilities Managers: The Complete Guide

Mitigating the effects of infectious bacteria in healthcare settings is among the most important tasks for facilities managers. Learn the most important aspects of infection control.

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A Practical Guide to Infection Control for Healthcare Facilities

Infection control and disease prevention are necessary for the sake of patients as well as facilities, it is critical that all healthcare facility staff are well-versed in the importance of infection control and the protocol required to keep patients safe.

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Dust Containment Units: The Complete Guide

Dust containment is a critical aspect of working in a high-risk environment. Learn everything you need to know about dust containment units and other solutions to fit the goals of dust containment procedures.


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Each barrier system has different applications and advantages in what they offer; so which one will best fit your needs? Get the guide to help you choose the best option. 

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