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Keep Processors Safe from Dust & Debris

Computers are built with powerful processors that need to remain contaminant-free in order to disperse heat and run at normal speeds without interruption. A clean atmosphere ensures that your systems will continue to function normally and at full capacity. Information Technology professionals rely on HEPACART® systems to prevent disturbed maintenance dust from contaminating servers which leads to costly interruptions in operations. Without a dust and airborne debris management system, routine maintenance or renovations in a clean environment may lead to the buildup of matter on server heat sinks, and this may result in systems failures and costly down time.

In a clean room environment, HEPACART® has two chief applications:

  1. Dust reduction and prevention during maintenance
  2. Prevent airborne particulate matter from reaching heat sink devices

HEPACART® ceiling access carts have been deployed in some of the nation's most secure data centers.

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