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The HEPACART® mission is to develop productive, durable, job-flexible, safe and sustainable infection control solutions that protect patients from dust and pathogens in a healthcare environment. Our secondary mission is to assist healthcare contractors and facilities managers with infection-prevention measures that can also save time and money.


Infection Control

At HEPACART®, we know that construction projects – regardless of how well they are managed – will create dust, debris, and other airborne particles that can create life-threatening conditions. In any kind of patient care facility or hospital, ICRA compliance is a constant concern. The regulations are there for the protection of your patients; as such, it’s important that you make sure to follow proper hospital hygiene and infection control prevention standards. Proper infection control equipment is essential in order to protect the safety of others.

Our HEPACART®, DustBuggy™, and AnteRoom products all help facilities maintain stringent infection control guidelines. With magnetic seals, negative air machines, and easy operation, the HEPACART® product line can manage the proliferation of airborne particles and other contagious pathogens, as well as physical access to affected areas.

Dust Containment

Dust containment is the first step to successful infection control. When dust becomes infected then spreads when the air is disturbed by construction or maintenance, cleanliness is compromised. By controlling the spread of dust with HEPACART® products, you are protecting patients as well as productivity.

But hospitals and patient care facilities are not the only ones who can benefit from robust dust containment. In a server room, protection from dust and particulates prevents costly interruptions to normal operations. Computers are built with powerful processors that need to remain contaminant-free in order to disperse heat and run at normal speeds without interruption. A clean atmosphere ensures that your systems will continue to function normally and at full capacity. Information Technology professionals rely on HEPACART® systems to prevent maintenance or construction dust from contaminating servers which leads to costly interruptions in operations.


Save Time and Money

Taking the proper measures to protect against the spread of dust and infection can be time-consuming and costly. Even a simple maintenance issue that requires ceiling-access can become a long-term project when the correct protocols are in place. We know that time is money, so we have designed our products to be easy to use and incredibly efficient. They are fast to set up, take down, and transport, even with small teams.

Further, our products are built to last. Cleaning and maintenance is kept to a minimum so work can be performed at a moment's notice, for years to come. By allowing contractors to work more efficiently without compromising safety or infection control measures, HEPACART® save facilities and workers both time and money.