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Protecting patients from dust, debris, and contaminants decreases their chances of a secondary infection

Create a Safer Environment for Patients

At HEPACART®, we know that construction projects – regardless of how well they are managed – will create dust, debris and other airborne particles. Dust and debris in the air can pose life-threatening risks, ranging from mild complications in patients with respiratory issues to airborne contagions that spread from patient to patient.

In any kind of patient care facility or hospital, ICRA compliance is a constant concern. The regulations are there for the protection of patients; as such, it’s important that you make sure to follow proper hospital hygiene and infection control prevention standards. To avoid infection, construction projects require careful supervision and management. In addition, the proper equipment is required in order to protect the safety of others. As hospitals continue to require more stringent containment precautions during routine construction, HEPACART® offers multiple solutions for hospitals and contractors who wish to create a better, safer environment for dust and particulate control.

If the hospital or contractor fails to ensure proper infection control protocols, patients could leave the facility with ailments more serious than what they had coming in. Before HEPACART®, the most effective dust and particulate control methods were to keep all doors leading between construction areas and patient rooms sealed. As this is an inconvenience to construction workers and staff members alike, HEPACART® was developed to handle construction, air filtration, minimize airborne particles, and protect patients from infections.

While HEPACART® offers great benefit s for healthcare facilities and contractors, it is not the only solution we offer. If you are performing construction in any risk area, using the HEPACART® AnteRoom to contain and filter debris can save you the inconvenience of closing down an entire wing. On the flip side, if your main application is above ceiling simply containing debris and you do not require a Negative Air Machine to filter it, the Dust Buggy™ might meet your needs.

No matter which solution you choose, HEPACART® is the rugged, portable hospital hygiene and infection control solution designed by healthcare contractors, for healthcare contractors.