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Compare HEPACART® Containment Tools

HEPACART® dust containment and infection control tools are engineered and constructed by healthcare contractors for healthcare contractors



Get the Specs for Effective Containment Tools

Dust containment and infection control keep patients and staff safe at healthcare facilities, but not all containment tools are created equal. 

Choosing the right containment solution for your facility means comparing much more than price --

  1. Will the tools work in your environment?
  2. Will your staff be able to use them correctly?
  3. Will they meet regulatory requirements? 
  4. At HEPACART we've organized our product specifications to help you answer these questions are more. 

Compare HEPACART® models easily and find the one with the features that will help keep your facility maintenance projects running smoothly while ensuring patient -- and worker -- safety. 

All HEPACART® products are thoroughly tested for filtration and functionality. 

Compare HEPACART Containment Tools