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In many ways, we still do not know what 2017 will bring in the area of healthcare and facilities management. But we do know that things are changing.

Healthcare facility spending is expected to increase up to 6.5% in 2017, more Americans are insured today than ever have been before, and all of the patients and money being poured into healthcare systems needs to be allocated effectively for patient care.

As a healthcare facilities manager, do you know where every dollar is going? Are you looking two or ten years ahead to plan out a budget that makes sense for your facility?

From known increases in costs to still unknown ramifications of healthcare legislation, this guide covers what you need to know to run a healthcare facility effectively in 2017.

You’ll learn:

  • Why healthcare facilities management is more critical than ever
  • How Accountable Care Organizations are changing the face of facilities management
  • What we predict 2017 will look like

Download the guide now.

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