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Air Cleaning Equipment: Air Filters, Air Purifiers, Negative Air Machines, and Air Scrubbers

To understand how our HEPAFORCE® Air Filtration & Purification equipment works, it’s helpful to start by defining the terms air filter, air purifier, negative air machine, and air scrubber. Some think these are interchangeable, while others believe they have slightly different connotations and applications. Here’s a quick look into the terminology and how each is used.


Air purifiers utilize air filters which are pleated paper or cloth enclosed in a cardboard frame that removes solid particulates such as dust, pollen, mold, and bacteria from the air. Air filters inside air purifiers capture and filter out dangerous airborne particles, allowing only clean air to be emitted and circulated. Most commonly, air purifiers use certified HEPA filters to capture pollutants and prevent them from circulating back into the air, while others, in addition to filtering air, also sanitize it by using additional technology like far-UVC light to destroy viruses that cause sickness. 




Negative air machines often called air scrubbers, do the same as air purifiers, but at a larger capacity. They also utilize ducting and may include pre-filters and carbon filters in addition to the HEPA filter. Contractors often use negative air machines to create a negative pressure environment that will contain the hazardous particles within a workspace, causing a constant inward flow towards the machine and preventing airborne contaminants from escaping through any leaks or openings.


While air cleaners such as negative air machines and air purifiers can be used for the same jobs, negative air machines may serve better in cleanrooms or when ductwork is necessary to exhaust the air outside of the project area. However, both are important in construction jobs where airborne contaminants such as mold, dust, asbestos, and lead will be stirred up or created. If these contaminants are not removed, they will have an adverse effect on the indoor air quality (IAQ), causing health problems when inhaled. Both air cleaners are also ideal for healthcare applications where clean air is of the utmost importance, eliminating potential healthcare-associated infections (HAIs).


In conjunction with HVAC systems, air cleaning systems help protect the health of workers and building occupants (e.g., patients, residents, students, etc.) by providing clean and safe air. Air cleaners are rated according to their clean air delivery rate (CADR), a number intended to help contractors, facility directors, and infection control nurses select an air cleaner based on the cubic feet of the area in which they intend to use it. The higher the CADR, the more particles the air cleaner will remove and the larger the area it can serve.


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What Does HEPAFORCE Mean?

Our air cleaning equipment, including HEPAFORCE® AIR Negative Air Machines & Scrubbers and HEPAFORCE® GermBuster Room Air Purifiers, have several things in common that make them hospital-trusted air purification systems. In particular, their HEPA filters give them the highest MERV rating. The fans inside the machines pull in polluted air, clean it, then exhaust clean air at 99.97% (GermBusters) and 99.99% (AIR Negative Air Machines), allowing them to meet the demands of many jobs — from cleaning dangerous airborne construction dust to capturing infectious pathogens. 


What does HEPA stand for? HEPA is an acronym for "high efficiency particulate air" filter. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, this pleated mechanical air filter can remove at least 99.97% of dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, viruses (influenza, measles, tuberculosis, coronavirus, etc.), and any airborne particles with a size of 0.3 microns (µm). 


Our HEPA air purifiers and HEPA air scrubbers can efficiently and effectively provide continuous air disinfection within patient rooms, exam rooms, waiting rooms, classrooms, common areas, and anywhere else hazardous airborne particles pose a health risk.

HEPAFORCE® AIR Negative Air Machine & Scrubbers

HEPAFORCE® AIR Negative Air Machine & Scrubbers are used to clean the air and create positive or negative air pressure in medical facilities, factories, commercial buildings, job sites, and confined spaces with mold, asbestos, or lead. With optional filters available, our AIR Negative Air Machines & Scrubbers are suitable for an array of jobs from light construction to tasks that require 99.99% at 0.3 microns medical-grade HEPA filtration.


Constructed with the highest quality material, our AIR Negative Air Machines & Scrubbers are designed to last. And with all critical seams silicone sealed before and after riveting, you can trust that contaminated air will not bypass the HEPA filter. Hospital staff and construction teams alike appreciate how easy it is to set up and sanitize after each use. 




AIR Negative Air Machines & Scrubbers can be used on their own or in conjunction with our AnteRooms, DUSTBUGGY® Classic, or our Airborne Disinfection Module with UV-FORCE®.

HEPAFORCE® AIR Negative Air Machines & Scrubbers vs. Others





Quality aluminum construction with silicone seals x Varies
MERV 7-9 prefilter x x
Certified medical-grade HEPA filter x x
Filter Change Indicator x x
Energy-efficient fan motors x Varies
Variable fan speeds from 50-1000 cfm x Varies
Filters can be changed easily without tools x Varies
Optional pre-filters and carbon filters available x Varies
Easy it is to set up and sanitize after each use x Varies
Designed with maintenance in mind x Varies
Arrives tested, certified, and ready to work x Varies



HEPAFORCE® GermBuster Room Air Purifiers

Our HEPAFORCE® GermBuster Room Air Purifiers Operates 40% more efficiently than similar units resulting in ongoing utility savings. This air purifier is ideal for patient rooms, doctor offices, school classrooms, health rooms, waiting rooms, nursing homes, and more. Facility Directors across many different industries have come to trust the GermBuster to provide continuous clean air in their facilities.




How it works: 

  • Air is pulled into the unit from the bottom through the intake pre-filter that collects larger particles 
  • Air then continues through the HEPA filter to remove 99.97% of particles at .3 microns 
  • Clean air discharges from the top of the unit 

One GermBuster Room Air Purifier will continuously disinfect the air in a room, continually reducing its pathogen load. 


Room size: 800 cubic feet (10 ft. x 10 ft. x 8 ft.) 

Air exchange rate: 24 times per hour

Applications: doctor's offices, nurse's offices, exam rooms, dorm rooms, school health rooms 


Room size: 3,200 cubic feet (20 ft. x 20 ft. x 8 ft.) 

Air exchange rate: 6 times per hour 

Applications: waiting rooms, smaller cafeterias, classrooms


Room size: 6,400 cubic feet (20 ft. x 40 ft. x 8 ft.) 

Air exchange rate: 3 times per hour 

Applications: larger gathering areas, conference rooms, lecture halls


GermBuster Room Air Purifiers are also available with UV-FORCE technology.  

HEPAFORCE® GermBuster Room Air Purifiers  vs. Others





Quality stainless steel construction x Varies
MERV 7-9 prefilter x Varies
Certified HEPA filter x x
Energy-efficient fan motors x Varies
Variable fan speeds from 50-330 cfm x Varies
Easy to move with four swivel casters x Varies
Easy to set up and sanitize after each use x Varies
Arrives tested, certified, and ready to work x Varies



"I looked at several alternatives to HEPACART@ but found them not to have the standards to meet the challenges of this project that HEPACART@ provided in each of their products. I found [each] product to be very durable, very productive, job — flexible, safe, and sustainable infection control solutions. They are easy to use and typically exceed the Safety and ICRA protocols and standards set forth by Walter Reed Military Medical Center and the Joint Commission. ... I would recommend HEPACART@ to any Healthcare Contractor or Facilities Director that wants the best products for infection prevention." 

- M. Mitchell, J & J Worldwide Services

HEPAFORCE® Applications

Our HEPAFORCE® AIR Negative Air Machines & Scrubbers and HEPAFORCE® GermBuster Room Air Purifiers can be used in many ways. Here are just a few applications and locations in which our air cleaning equipment has been successfully deployed.



  • Infection Control and Prevention 
  • Emergency Preparedness 
  • Construction Projects/Renovations
  • Maintenance 


  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Urgent Care Centers
  • Dental Offices
  • Doctors Offices
  • Long Term Care Centers
  • Pharmaceutical Labs
  • Data Storage Centers 
  • Hotels and Casinos
  • Schools and Educational Institutions

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