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Our Company

Founded in 2006 by Herb Farnsworth, HEPACART® is a manufacturer of specialty equipment used to protect people during high risk construction, renovation and maintenance projects. The HEPACART® mission is to develop productive, durable, job-flexible, safe and sustainable containment solutions that protect patients from dust and pathogens in a healthcare and pharmaceutical environment. Our secondary mission is to assist healthcare contractors and facilities managers with new infection-prevention measures that can also save time and money.

HEPACART® has also been utilized by pharmaceutical companies, pet-food factories, and information technology organizations that require dust containment during projects in server rooms and other computer-related clean environments. HEPACART® spent four years in product development and made its first shipments in April of 2007. Those first-generation HEPACART® is still in use today. The company is a sister company of TED Systems, LLC which does complete systems work for fire control, security, intercom and other systems. HEPACART® founder Herb Farnsworth is a co-owner of TED Systems.


Our Growth

As the growth of HEPACART® accelerated, and with a national product presence, HEPACART® signed a distribution agreement with W.W. Grainger, Inc. that placed HEPACART® products in front of Grainger customers in hospitals, military bases, and state and local government hospitals. Recently, HEPACART® has signed agreements with Communications Supply Corporation and is available through Graybar, Acklands Grainger (Canada), Carolina Datacom (Carolinas) and Firestopping Specialist (Upper Midwest). Today, HEPACART® products are in thousands of hospitals and healthcare contractors across the United States and Canada including M.D. Anderson, Massachusetts General Hospital, StonyBrook Medical Center, Barnes Jewish Hospital, Hollywood Presbyterian, Stanford University, Johns Hopkins and Mt. Sinai to name just a few.

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