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Our UV-FORCE® technology uses a 22mJ/cm2 dose of far-UVC light to remove pathogens from air and surfaces.


At the core of our UV-FORCE® technology is a patented lamp that uses far-UVC light to disinfect the air and surfaces by destroying viruses and other dangerous pathogens. It’s a chemical-free sterilization method that's safer and more effective than other UV technologies.


How Does UV-FORCE Far-UVC Light Work?

The UV light spectrum has multiple bands, including A, B, and C, and each has different effects on human skin and eyes. Between 100 nm and 280 nm, far-ultraviolet C (far-UVC) has a shorter wavelength than UV bands A, B, and most of C, making it germicidal and scientifically proven to be safe for humans.




The 222 nanometer (nm) far-UVC lamp destroys pathogen cell walls, resulting in physical destruction and rendering them non-infectious. The chemical bonds that hold together molds, fungi, viruses, and bacteria are no match for UV-FORCE® technology. It achieves pathogen reduction faster and more effectively than other UV treatments in the market and without hazardous chemicals like mercury. No other disinfection method can achieve these kinds of results.


Where Should UV-FORCE Far-UVC be Used?

Nearly 100,000 people die each year from preventable healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). Keeping healthcare environments free from the pathogens that cause these infections is a matter of life and death. UV-FORCE® technology is a simple, fast, and safe way to keep airstreams and surfaces safe by destroying dangerous pathogens, resulting in many saved lives, the integrity of healthcare facilities, and critical cost savings.


Beyond healthcare facilities like hospitals, doctor offices, urgent care centers, dentist offices, other places in which far-UVC light disinfection is highly effective in sanitizing the air include long-term care facilities, schools, colleges, and dorm rooms. Any indoor space that needs clean air can benefit from far-UVC infection control.


Far-UVC Resources

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Pair our Airborne Disinfection Module with UV-FORCE® with our HEPACART® Classic, HEPACART® Auto Lift, AnteRoom Classic, AnteRoom Patient Access, and virtually any HEPA-filtered negative air machine on the market to add a secondary level of protection against pathogens. This module’s far-UVC light can destroy airborne pathogens such as measles, tuberculosis, influenza, coronavirus, and other viruses smaller than 0.3 microns.

UV-FORCE Airborne Disinfection

Our Airborne Disinfection Module is for the highest ICRA Level III and IV environments and works instantly.

This and more make this unit ideal for projects that require the highest levels of disinfection and projects where ducting or venting is prohibitive or impossible. Add on a standard MERV 8 filter or carbon filter to eliminate volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and chemical odors.



GermBuster Room Air Purifier with UV-FORCE® provides continuous far-UVC air disinfection in patient rooms, exam rooms, waiting rooms, dentist offices, school health rooms, and anywhere else where the infected are a risk to those who are healthy. 

The machine starts by pulling in air through the bottom. It then moves the air through the intake pre-filter to remove the largest particles before sending it through a medical-grade HEPA filter to remove smaller particles. The air then passes by the far-UVC lamp to destroy all remaining pathogens before discharging clean air from the top of the unit.


With an exhaust rate of 330 CFM, one GermBuster Room Air Purifier with UV-FORCE® can disinfect the air in a room quickly and efficiently, dramatically reducing the viral load to non-infectious levels, keeping staff, patients, residents, and students safe. 

Room size: 800 cubic feet (10 ft. x 10 ft. x 8 ft.) 

Air exchange rate: 24 times per hour

Applications: doctor's offices, nurse's offices, exam rooms, dorm rooms, school health rooms 

Room size: 3,200 cubic feet (20 ft. x 20 ft. x 8 ft.) 

Air exchange rate: 6 times per hour 

Applications: waiting rooms, smaller cafeterias, classrooms

Room size: 6,400 cubic feet (20 ft. x 40 ft. x 8 ft.) 

Air exchange rate: 3 times per hour 

Applications: larger gathering areas, conference rooms, lecture halls


For a smaller unit without UV-FORCE, check out our GERMBUSTER 300 ROOM AIR PURIFIER.



Disinfection is an essential part of infection control, and it’s equally essential to have the right tools in place. While other methods of disinfection and cleaning are necessary for some jobs, UV-FORCE far-UVC disinfection can help aid in those processes and make them more effective. No matter your industry, far-UVC disinfection provides a safe and effective way to clean and sterilize the air and surfaces that workers, staff, patients, residents, students, and others in your facility are breathing.

Our Airborne Disinfection Module with UV-FORCE® and GermBuster Room Air Purifier with UV-FORCE® can be used in many ways. Here are just a few applications and locations in which our air cleaning equipment has been successfully deployed.


  • Infection Control and Prevention 
  • Emergency Preparedness 
  • Construction Projects / Renovations
  • Maintenance 


  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Urgent Care Centers
  • Long Term Care Center
  • Pharmaceutical Operations
  • Data Storage Centers 
  • Animal Science Facilities
  • Hospitality and Casino
  • Schools and Education

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