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5 Uses for UV Disinfection

As a facility manager, any investment in equipment you make needs to have a very clear purpose. UV technology can be a sound investment for many different types of facilities because the fact is that UV disinfection is appropriate in many different scenarios.

Following are five ways that a spectrum of facilities can utilize UV disinfection effectively.

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Air Disinfection

Any facility that needs to disinfect air spaces can use a UV light to do so, to some extent. There needs to be sufficient contact of the air with the UV light, making this type of disinfection more effective on still or stagnant air than on moving air. To improve the efficacy of air disinfection, many facilities choose to install UV disinfection lights at the upper level of the room, so as the air naturally circulates, it will be cleaner. Facilities can also choose to install UV lamps near coils and drain pans of cooling systems such as air conditioners and refrigeration devices, which can prevent bacteria from growing in those cool, damp conditions and eventually being released into the air.


Water Disinfection & Wastewater Treatment

Facilities can also use UV light to disinfect water and even for wastewater treatment. Because UV disinfection is a physical process and does not require adding any chemicals to the water to clean it, this can be a very safe and effective option. UV light can reduce the incidence of parasites such as cryptosporidia or giardia, which can be resistant even to chemical disinfection. One facility in New York uses UV light to treat more than 2 billion gallons of water a day for use in New York City.

While wastewater treatment must take place on a much larger scale, UV light can play a major role in this process as well, even taking the place of chlorination. While UV light is not used as a sole disinfection protocol, it has become quite common in many metropolitan areas as part of the wastewater treatment process.


Surface Disinfection

It should come as no surprise that UV light can be useful for disinfecting surfaces in healthcare facilities and other spaces. In fact, UV light can destroy active viruses and other pathogens on a surface in just a matter of seconds. In this case, UV in healthcare facilities, can be much more efficient and effective than other cleaning and disinfecting options.


Equipment Disinfection

In addition to stationary surfaces like countertops, tables, and floors, UV light is a popular disinfection solution for equipment. For example, laboratories that risk contamination may use UV to disinfect goggles, glassware, or other laboratory instruments. As with other applications, the UV light has the benefit of being effective but also dry and simple, unlike washing or bleaching, which can leave residue and moisture behind.


Food & Beverage Disinfection

The use of UV light in food and beverage disinfection combines the effectiveness of UV light on surfaces as well as liquids. UV disinfection has been shown to be effective in food manufacturing facilities when used to disinfect things like conveyor belts that are otherwise difficult to clean thoroughly. When the right products are used, these types of surfaces can be disinfected without shortening the life of the equipment.

When considering those applications for which UV light can be used as a disinfection method, it is also important to consider the type of UV light in use. Far-UV and near-UV can have different effects on bacteria and viruses. To learn more about the use of far-UVC in disinfection, be sure to download our guide below.

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