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4 Uses for an AnteRoom

The overarching goal of dust containment protocol is to keep patients safe while potentially hazardous activities are taking place. Portable dust containment options, such as the various HEPACART™ models, are a great place to start for smaller maintenance projects that require ceiling …

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Training Contractors on Patient Safety in Hospital Construction

Hospital construction is unique to the construction industry in that the vast majority of addition and renovation projects are done in fully functioning facilities. Whereas an office building, parking garage, or even a home may be able to shut down for weeks or months while constructi …

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STARC Systems Named Most Innovative Business of the Year

HEPACART ™ is excited to be able to announce that STARCSystems was recently named the Most Innovative Business of the Year by the Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority (MRRA). At the MRRA annual meeting in November, STARCSystems was chosen as the more innovative micro company in i …

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