Cabling Access & Ceiling Access

Benefits of Using Cabling Access Points in Healthcare Facilities

Posted by HEPACART on Jul 8 2020 06:00 PM

CAP is a pull-through device that protects wires and cables while keeping ceiling dust contained. Regular readers of the HEPACART® blog know we are dedicated to protecting the health of vulnerable patients by reducing their exposure to hospital...

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Cabling Access & Ceiling Access, Patient Safety, Electrical Installation & Repair

Installing a CAP: Save Time and Improve Patient Safety

Posted by HEPACART on Jun 17 2019 04:00 PM

When cabling in a cleanroom or healthcare facility, patient safety should be on the forefront of every electrical contractor and facility manager’s mind. In addition to keeping patients safe from the dust, dirt, and debris that is generated from...

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Cabling Access & Ceiling Access, Electrical Installation & Repair

Cable Pulling Basics: Ceiling Access Tools and Tips

Posted by HEPACART on Feb 1 2016 10:04 PM

The number of maintenance projects required in a sophisticated facility like a hospital is staggering. Anything from the extensive cleaning necessary to maintain sterile environments to replacing HEPA air filters and updating ventilation systems;...

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Facility Construction & Renovation, Cabling Access & Ceiling Access

When to Think About Ceiling Access During Construction Planning

Posted by HEPACART on Jan 28 2016 03:00 PM

Here’s a little quiz for healthcare contractors and facility managers: when should you start to think about how you are going to access all the ducts, wires, and other pieces of your facility that live above the ceiling tiles? Is it: during the...

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