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5 Dust Containment Tools to Keep Senior Residents & Staff Healthy

5 Dust Containment Tools That Will Help You Fulfill Your Mission to Keep Senior Residents & Staff Healthy

What steps do you take to protect your senior living residents and staff from dust-related illnesses? Facilities management has been going well for you lately. You run a tight ship, so nobody's getting away with coat-wire conduit hangers, shoddy wiring, or rogue firewall penetrations …

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4 Ways the STARC LiteBarrier Helps with Infection Control & Dust Containment


The STARC LiteBarrier, a reusable containment system, makes life easier for health facility managers and infection control directors. In our September post, Eliminate Construction Dust Health Hazards with Customizable Wall Barriers, we briefly discussed the STARC® LiteBarrier™ in the …

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Eliminate Construction Dust Health Hazards With Customizable Wall Barriers



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How Wall Barriers Protect Against Healthcare-Associated Infections


The goal of any hospital construction project should be to do good work without endangering any patients in the healthcare facility. There are many tools available to meet this goal, such as dust containment units, AnteRooms, negative air machines, and wall barriers.

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