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Common Problems with Negative Air Machine Setup

A negative air machine is a critical tool in your dust containment arsenal. Without the ability to create a negative air pressure environment, it becomes virtually impossible to ensure that all hazardous particles are properly contained. If you have not worked with negative air machin …

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5 Steps to Compare HEPA Filtration Options in Healthcare Facilities

Selling to healthcare prospects is no easy tasks. Not only are budgets constantly in flux, but it can be difficult to convince many people who work in healthcare that you know enough about their needs to recommend products. We’ve compiled a few simple steps to follow if you want to se …

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Dust Containment & Fire Prevention

In our households, we think of dust as an inconvenience or an allergen. In a hospital, we think of dust as a potential contaminant. In a factory, mine, or other manufacturing facility, we should think of dust as kindling. Between 1980 and 2005, the US Chemical Safety and Hazard Invest …

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10 Hospital Construction Statistics for 2017

While you never quite know what a new year will bring in your industry, it is worth looking at the kinds of statistics that influenced and shaped the last few years to get a sense of where things are headed. In the hospital construction industry, there are always interesting facts and …

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