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Showcasing Dust Containment Technology at Upcoming Conferences

As the summer ramps up, HEPACART™ is happy to announce that we will be represented at two shows in June, showcasing our top of the line dust containment products for a diverse audience of healthcare stakeholders. Check out the details below:

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5 Annual Events Healthcare Facilities Managers Should Attend


Part of being a successful healthcare facility manager is maintaining a good grasp on what is going on in the world of facilities management. Events like conferences and trade shows can be important for your professional education and development. Understandably, it is impossible to a …

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Healthcare Facilities Management: Maintenance Scheduling

Part of being in healthcare facilities management is accepting the fact that your job is never really done. Even when it seems like you might get through your To Do list for one day, an urgent issue can pop up and leave you swamped once again. When you are constantly juggling critical …

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Healthcare Facilities Management: Best Practices for Staff Management


When a patient walks into a hospital waiting room, an ambulatory clinic, or even a doctor’s office, that person has certain expectations about the environment she will encounter. Healthcare facilities must not only meet visual expectations for cleanliness and organization, but have to …

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Should You Get an AHA Healthcare Construction Certificate?


It is almost always better to hire someone experienced to do a job that you want done well. That’s why we get nervous when it looks like our new doctor just graduated from high school or when an applicant for a construction job only has experience behind a desk.

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