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The Product Evolution of the HEPACART™ AnteRoom

The HEPACART™ AnteRoom is a versatile and effective product that allows healthcare facilities to enact patient isolation or renovation containment in a matter of minutes. The portable aluminum AnteRoom is easy to use and easy to clean, minimizing non-recyclable waste and maximizing wo …

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Tips for Infection Control Monitoring in Hospital Construction

If you were roasting a turkey for Thanksgiving, you would never put it in the oven and not look at it again until the time it went off. When you’re cooking, you have to keep an eye on things in case you need to make an adjustment along the way. Infection control is the same way. You c …

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HEPACART™ AnteRoom Cost Benefit Analysis

Between 2010 and 2016, approximately 20 million Americans gained health insurance due to the Affordable Care Act and therefore improved access to healthcare services. For healthcare facilities, this means more potential patients, and figuring out how to service those patients effectiv …

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