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The Product Evolution of the HEPACART™ AnteRoom

The HEPACART™ AnteRoom is a versatile and effective product that allows healthcare facilities to enact patient isolation or renovation containment in a matter of minutes. The portable aluminum AnteRoom is easy to use and easy to clean, minimizing non-recyclable waste and maximizing worker productivity, all without sacrificing patient safety.

The AnteRoom was not always exactly as it is now, so we want to take you through the evolution of the product. Keep reading to learn more.

The First AnteRoom

In 2010, Hepacart built our first AnteRoom for the Kansas City V.A. Hospital. The hospital found itself with a need for room isolation options that were easy to use and cost effective. The resulting product was custom built and allowed the hospital to quickly and painlessly cordon off a room or wing with portable AnteRoom isolation that could be used time and time again.


New Sizes for New Possibilities

Hepacart quickly realized that the need for anteroom isolation was spread much wider than a single hospital in Kansas City, so we got to work making a more versatile option for other facilities. In 2011, the full product was launched for use in any hospital. As demand grew, Hepacart introduced another size, so that facilities could more easily choose the right tool to meet their specific needs. Between the two new sizes, the AnteRoom would fit virtually any facility door.

In 2014, we began including a mobility package with our AnteRoom options, which makes it easier than ever to move equipment into and out of the isolated area. Finally, in 2015, expansion modules were added to our product line, which offer increased depth for the AnteRoom working area.


A Growing List of Fans

Today, the Hepacart AnteRoom is used in healthcare facilities across the country. Some of the most notable facilities that rely on the AnteRoom in one form or another are:

Healthcare contractors have seen the value of the AnteRoom as well, with big names including JE Dunn, Layton, Turner, and Mortenson all using the AnteRoom in their projects.

Hepacart AnteRoom isolation makes it easier than ever for contractors and hospital staff to isolate patients who need Category IV isolation, and to keep patient environments free from dust and debris in the case of renovation or construction. Because the AnteRoom and its accessory line grow with the input of our users, you can feel confident that we already have -- or will soon have -- an AnteRoom solution to meet your needs.

If you want help selecting the perfect AnteRoom for your next project, just fill out our free assessment form, and we will personally guide you through the process.


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