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The Art of Dust Containment, Revisited


HEPACART™  helps hospitals and contractors with the art of containment. We define the art of containment as: Choosing the best tools for the containment application. Utilizing those tools in a competent way. Looking 'good' doing it. ("good" = safe, serious and professional) Because it …

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Untested HEPA Filters Present a Safety Hazard


Healthcare environments cannot be clean if the air in them is not clean, which is why dust containment for maintenance and construction projects in these settings is critical. HEPA filtration is usually the first and last line of defense between patients and the pathogens and spores t …

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6 Critical Tips for Hospital Facilities Management Budgeting


As a hospital facilities management professional, it can be easy to let budgetary concerns of the facility overall fall by the wayside in the name of efficiency. When something is broken or dirty, it must be cleaned or fixed. If creating and maintaining a budget is not top of mind now …

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