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Top Patient Safety Issues for Hospital Construction Contractors

Patient safety is a top concern for everyone involved in the healthcare process, from the patient themselves to nurses and physicians to the hospital contractors who work to build and renovate the facilities. While a new healthcare construction project may not interact directly with p …

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What HCAHPS Means for Contractors (with Action Items)

Contractors that specialize in hospital construction and renovation are in a unique position to depend on the trends not only of construction and building codes, but also advancements and changes in the healthcare industry. Both industries can change quickly with governmental regulati …

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9 Takeaways from the 2016 HFM Healthcare Construction Survey

  Health Facilities Management (HFM) Magazine, in cooperation with the American Society for Healthcare Engineering, recently released the results of their 2016 Healthcare Construction Survey. For any contractor who is currently working in the healthcare construction or renovation indu …

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Cable Pulling Basics: Ceiling Access Tools and Tips

The number of maintenance projects required in a sophisticated facility like a hospital is staggering. Anything from the extensive cleaning necessary to maintain sterile environments to replacing HEPA air filters and updating ventilation systems; all these procedures need to be done w …

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