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How to Use a Negative Air Machine in Hospital Renovations

Any renovation is a messy job. Whether you’re replacing a bathroom sink or revamping an entire hospital wing, renovation is going to create a lot of dust, debris, and in the case of a healthcare environment, a lot of germs. While it’s not possible to complete a hospital renovation wit …

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How Healthcare Contractors Can Work Better with Facility Managers

As a healthcare contractor, you know that it is crucial that you build and maintain relationships with healthcare facilities managers. There is no cut and dry way to build good relationships, because every manager, contractor, and project are different. But if you make an effort to le …

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Big Data’s Impact on the Future of Healthcare Design

When we think about healthcare design, we may think about the pale green color of scrubs, gleaming tile floors, or even the antiseptic smell that makes some stomachs churn. But what we do not often consider is data.

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We’ll be at the PDC Summit in Orlando, March 12 - 15

 This year, the American Society of Healthcare Engineers (ASHE) brings their annual PDC Summit to the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

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Does Your Crew Know Dust Containment? And Should They?

As a contractor, you know that dust containment is a critical part of your healthcare construction jobs. But your job also means that you can’t be everywhere at once, which may mean leaving important containment tasks up to your crew. With something so important, that could have a sig …

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