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Far-UV VS. Near-UV

Far-UV vs. Near-UV

Besides learning the colors of the visible light spectrum with a catchy acronym in middle school, most of us don’t spend much time thinking about ultraviolet radiation or UV rays. However, UV light in particular is increasingly popular as a way to disinfect surfaces, liquids, and air …

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5 Uses for Temporary Walls in Healthcare Construction


When you think of embarking on any healthcare construction project, you might start immediately spiraling, thinking about the headache of the undertaking. Construction and renovation projects can be expensive and very inconvenient, so when there is a way to save money and make the pro …

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HEPACART™ Hospital AnteRoom Guide


A hospital anteroom can be an exceptionally useful tool for a hospital or other healthcare facility. But if you’re not sure what an anteroom is or how they may be useful in your particular situation, you’ll understandably be reluctant to make an investment.

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2017 Developments in Worker Safety for Healthcare Construction

One of the challenges of being a healthcare contractor is the range of priorities for which you are responsible. Not only do you have to be involved in the overall design and planning of the hospital construction or renovation project, but in many cases you also deal with contracts, h …

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9 Takeaways from the HFM Healthcare Construction Survey

In February, Health Facilities Management magazine published the results of their 2017 Healthcare Construction survey. This year, HFM was able to survey more than 240 hospitals to get answers about how healthcare facility construction, renovation, and optimization is expected to conti …

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