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Enlisting Patients in Disease Prevention & Infection Control


This blog has frequently explored the role of healthcare facilities, facilities managers and clinical staff in ensuring proper infection control measures are being followed. What we have looked at less often is the role of the patient. Healthcare facilities have many aspects in common …

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What History Can Teach Us About Disease Prevention


Infection control is a critical part of modern medicine. Were it not for regular hand washing, surface disinfection, and clean air measures, hospitals would be extremely dangerous for both patients and staff.

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5 Things Facilities Managers Should Know About Disease Prevention


The prevention of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) has received increasing attention by facility executives across the country, and efforts have expanded far beyond implementing disease prevention practices for healthcare workers. The design, management, and operations of a fac …

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Infection Control for Facility Managers & Staff, Part II


In our last post, we reviewed some of the most basic yet most crucial pieces of an infection control plan, including: Hand hygiene Coughing etiquette Patient placement These behaviors are all critical in maintaining a safe healthcare environment and require the participation of facili …

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Infection Control for Facility Managers & Staff, Part I


You know that infection control is important. It keeps patients, visitors, and staff safe and can also improve the financial performance of your healthcare facility. Developing or optimizing an infection control protocol can be quite daunting because it may include everything from whe …

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