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When to Think About Ceiling Access During Construction Planning

Here’s a little quiz for healthcare contractors and facility managers: when should you start to think about how you are going to access all the ducts, wires, and other pieces of your facility that live above the ceiling tiles? Is it: during the planning phase during the construction p …

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How to Start the Conversation About Infection Control

Infection control should not be a foreign concept in any hospital, but it is not always a simple thing to take the reigns of an infection control program. Whether you want to make a difference in your career by spearheading what could be a lifesaving program or have been hand picked t …

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4 Hospital Renovation Challenges (and how to solve them)

  Any renovation comes with its own set of challenges, but renovating a hospital is a bit more complex than adding a new kitchen island. However, with the right preparation, it is certainly possible to prepare for the most common challenges faced by hospital administration as well as …

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How to Buy Cleanroom Supplies

A clean room is a highly controlled environment. Whether it is being used for the manufacture of electronics or for healthcare research, it is essential that it be properly outfitted. Buying cleanroom supplies means finding the right furnishings, cleaning materials, and air filters to …

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