4 Hospital Renovation Challenges (and how to solve them)


Any renovation comes with its own set of challenges, but renovating a hospital is a bit more complex than adding a new kitchen island. However, with the right preparation, it is certainly possible to prepare for the most common challenges faced by hospital administration as well as the construction personnel that are involved in the project. With 62% of healthcare facilities projecting that they will increase the instance of hospital renovation in the next 2 years, it is essential that these challenges be addressed.

Challenge: Choosing the Right Team

A renovation project is only as good as the team that takes it on, but it not always easy to find a team that fits both the budget and the expertise requirement of the project.

Solution: Find a Balance

The team that guarantees they will work the fastest may not be the team with the best design experience. The team that will come on board for the lowest price is may not be the team that can meet your deadlines. The best way to find the right team is to determine your must haves (perhaps the hospital renovation absolutely needs to be complete by a certain date or definitely needs to look a certain way) and find a team that can offer those while still balancing their ability to meet your projects other goals.

Challenge: Creep of Schedule and/or Scope

Construction projects can often be faced with the challenge of creep. That is when the project begins to push past the schedule and/or scope limits of the original plan.

Solution: Plan for the Long Term

A hospital renovation should never be considered in a vacuum. Rather, it should be a part of a longterm plan for the facility. When you can look at the renovation in terms of a bigger picture, it is easier to organize the renovation from the outset and ensure that the project does not go beyond scope. Schedule creep can be more challenging, but one way to mitigate that possibility is to consider a design-build delivery system from the outset. When a single hospital contractor is able to both design and build the renovation, there is a better chance of staying on schedule.

Challenge: Demands for Green Construction

The impact of construction and renovation on the environment is at the forefront of many discussions on these types of projects. But when it comes to budget-conscious stakeholders, it can be a challenge to convince the holders of the pursestrings to make this initial investment.

Solution: Emphasize the Benefits

Green building, whether it is something as simple as triple-paned windows or as complex as aiming for a LEED certification, has long term benefits. It is not simply a matter of community public relations (though that offers its own benefit) or even a healthier planet. According to one expert, these types of changes can save a hospital more money than they cost when you look at the long-term costs of energy.

Challenge: Community Backlash

A hospital is a community service, and hospital buildings can be major architectural features of their geographic areas. While that presents an exciting opportunity, it can also mean that community members may have their own opinions or objections to the project

Solution: Give Plenty of Warning

When proceeding with a hospital renovation, be sure to get the community involved as soon as possible. This may mean holding town hall meetings, soliciting local press to cover the renovation, or otherwise contacting community leaders. The earlier that stakeholders are able to weigh in on the project and the better informed they are kept, the less likely you will face opposition to the project down the line.

One of the best ways to address hospital renovation challenges is by making sure everything is planned out well in advance. Download our free ebook for tips on what questions you need to ask when making your initial renovation plan. 

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