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See You at ASHE 2017!


The ASHE Annual Conference is coming! HEPACART™ is proud to be able to participate once again in this unparallelled gathering of healthcare facilities professionals from around the country and we hope you’ll be able to join us. What: ASHE Annual Conference & Technical Exhibition W …

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5 Uses for UV Disinfection


As a facility manager, any investment in equipment you make needs to have a very clear purpose. UV technology can be a sound investment for many different types of facilities because the fact is that UV disinfection is appropriate in many different scenarios. Following are five ways t …

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The Effects of Telemedicine on Healthcare Construction


The TV that’s sitting in your living room (or more likely, attached to the wall) probably doesn’t look anything like the TV you had ten years ago. As technology gets better and better, the electronics that we use every day change shape, improve in quality and become more reliable. The …

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AnteRoom vs. Dust Containment Cart


To keep your healthcare facility safe, you need to use the right tools.  But if you're unsure what you need, it can be all but impossible to choose where to invest.  When it comes to dust containment, both hospital anterooms and dust containment carts can be useful tools, but neither …

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Infection Control Trend: Hospital UV Disinfection


Hospital disinfection is a critical topic in infection control. Without the standards of disinfection -- from hand washing to scrubs to proper ventilation -- hospitals would be the dens of illness and disease that they once were. Today, patients feel secure that they will not get more …

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