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The Importance of Dust Containment in Long-Term Care Facilities

  Dust containment is the process of keeping an area free from dust, debris, and dangerous pathogens during the course of renovation, construction, or other ceiling-access maintenance. Dust containment is useful in a number of different settings, but is particularly important in the h …

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Negotiating Hospital Construction Contracts: What to Include

Whether you are a contractor or a hospital stakeholder, you will likely come across a healthcare or hospital construction project in the course of your career. While construction projects have similar contract processes across different industries, a hospital renovation or contruction …

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Does Your Containment Cart Pass the Test?

Hospitals and contractors invest in ceiling access and infection control carts for a good reason: to protect patients and visitors to high-risk areas from the dust and pathogens that can easily spread when construction and renovation in ceiling access projects are taking place. But in …

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How Dust Containment Methods Affect Patient Safety

There are a lot of reasons to pay close attention to the dust containment procedures and protocols at your hospital. You want to be sure you're following all regulatory guidelines. And you want to find containment measures that won't break your budget and don't require hours of traini …

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Facilities Managers and Infection Control Managers Can Work Together

Keeping your hospital clean for patients is an absolute necessity. Hospital Acquired Infections are not only dangerous to immunocompromised patients but can also lead to lost revenue and damaged reputations for the facility as a whole. Patient safety is not a category that falls onto …

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