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Top 5 States for Hospital Construction in 2016

As the U.S. economy continues its steady recovery, so too will the hospital construction industry continue to see gains. There are a number of factors that are contributing to fluctuations in the industry, including the Affordable Care Act, availability of private hospital financing a …

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How the Perception of Cleanliness Impacts Patient Experience

Imagine you were going to dinner at a new restaurant. It has a high health inspection grade posted by the door and was recommended by a trusted friend. But once you get inside, you notice the forks have crusted bits of food on them. And the first server you see is wiping his nose on h …

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Should you Consider Creating a Hospital Construction Blog?

Blogging might not be the first things that comes to mind when you start planning your next hospital construction project. But with the explosion of internet access, what was once a niche possibility for the particularly savvy is now the bastion of what seems like every mother and tee …

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Can Your Construction Methodology Compete with Lean Construction?

When you think back to your last hospital renovation project, is is easy to separate the final accomplishment from the stressors and complications that went before it? For many construction managers and contractors, each new project brings with it so many different stakeholders and wi …

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Community Contributions to Hospital Design & Construction

Hospitals are made for people. Although it can be easy to lose track of this fact through the many layers of planning, meetings, and ultimately hospital construction, people, including patients and their families, are the reason that hospitals are built. A hospital is a community serv …

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