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The Advantages of the Germbuster 5000 for Air Disinfection & Infection Control

Posted by HEPACART on Feb 19 2019 09:28 PM

Infection control is a critical area of focus in the healthcare industry, particularly for hospitals and long-term care facilities. From the challenge of keeping waiting rooms as germ-free as possible to major healthcare facility construction and pathogen containment, there are a lot of ways in which disinfection technology can be used.

That being said, there are major differences between the type of technologies and tools that you can use. Things like the type of UV light that you use for sterilization and the filter that the air cycles through all can mean significant difference in variables for the effectiveness of your disinfection tools. It’s all about having the best tools for ensuring that you can keep everyone as safe as you can from infection and infectious particles.

Taking Advantage Of Far-UV Sterilray™

We have talked before about the differences between Far-UV and Near-UV. It’s not bias when we say that the Far-UV Sterilray™ is superior to the other traditional kinds of UV light: The science backs it up.

The Far-UV Sterilray™ physically destroys bacteria, germs, and spores. By using a greater energy to break apart the bonds that hold the pathogens together, the makeup of these bacteria, germs, and spores are irreparably damaged and, as a result, are no longer infectious.

Traditional UV light doesn’t destroy the pathogens, it just stops their ability to replicate, allowing the original pathogens to retain their ability to spread and cause infections. The Germbuster 5000 uses the superior Far-UV Sterilray™ to ensure that germs are completely destroyed when air is filtered through the system.

Easy To Move And Use

There are many air filtration systems that offer quality benefits — they kill or stop the spread of many pathogens or they can quickly and efficiently disinfect the air that they filter. The Germbuster 5000 is no different, with the FAR-UV Sterilray™ technology combined with a HEPA filtration system that captures more small particles than other filters.

The major downfall many of these other systems have is that they are large and bulky. They take a long time to set up and then they take up a big part of the room that they are placed in, making them not so user-friendly or severely limiting in where they can be placed.

The Germbuster 5000 is much smaller than most of these systems and is completely portable, making it ideal for infectious patient rooms, waiting rooms, conference rooms, and offices. It weighs only 30 pounds, measures 40 inches by 16 inches, and the unit itself is mounted on wheels to optimize its portability.

How It Works

When the Germbuster 5000 is running, air is continuously pulled to the intake chamber at the top of the unit and through a pre-filter that captures large particles. The air is then pushed downwards into the unit with a fan where it passes along the Far-UV Sterilray™, which destroys the pathogens traveling in the air.

After the air has passed along the FAR-UV Sterilray™, it is filtered through to the final HEPA filter which catches any additional small particles that weren’t captured in the first filtration. Once the air passes all the way through the Germbuster 5000 unit, it measures at 99.999% clean at .3 microns, and 99.99% clean at particles smaller than .3 microns.

The Germbuster 5000 is quick, efficient, and easy to use while also being extremely powerful with advanced technologies like the FAR-UV Sterilray™ and the HEPA filter powering the disinfection systems.

Learn More

Want to know all the facts behind the technology that makes The Germbuster 5000 such a great tool for continuous air disinfection? Interesting in learning more? Click the link below to download our FREE Germbuster 5000 data sheet.

Download GermBuster Room Air Purifier with UV-FORCE Data Sheet 


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Download GermBuster Room Air Purifier with UV-FORCE Data Sheet

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