Germbuster Far-UVC

The HEPAFORCE® Germbuster Far-UVC with UV-FORCE technology provides continuous air disinfection in patient rooms, consultation rooms, waiting rooms, and anywhere else where the infected are a risk to the healthy.

One Germbuster Far-UVC will disinfect the air in a room of 3,200 cubic feet, 6 times per hour, thus dramatically reducing the viral load in the air to non-infectious levels. 

Below is a lab test that measured the effectiveness of Far-UVC in a duct on staph aureus.


                                              Control             UVC           Far-UVC

FAR-UVC CAUSES THE PHYSICAL DESTRUCTION OF BACTERIA, VIRUSES & SPORES. Far-UV is able to break bonds in these pathogens because its photon energy is greater than the energy of the bond holding the elements of a molecule together.

Consequently, bacteria, viruses and spores that are exposed to the UV-FORCE 222 nm light will have critical parts destroyed and cannot remain infectious. This is in contrast to traditional UV-C which changes the chemical bond so it does not replicate.


Under the microscope: 
Pathogen destroyed by
Far-UVC at 222 nm.


under microscope



Germbuster Far-UVC: Continuous Air Disinfection

The Germbuster FAR-UVC works by pulling air into the unit through the intake MERV-7 pre-filter collecting large particles.

An impeller fan then pulls the air up into the UV-FORCE Far-UVC chamber.

In the UV-FORCE chamber air travels the distance across the UV-FORCE  lamp being disinfected as it travels. This chamber is what destroys smaller pathogens like influenza, measles, tuberculosis, and others in less than 1/5 of a second.

Finally, air exits the UV-FORCE chamber and is pushed through the 99.97% HEPA-filter.

The result is exhausted air is 99.999+% clean at .3 microns and 99.99% clean at particles smaller than .3 microns (like influenza, tuberculosis and measles). 


Germbuster  Models

Germbuster Far-UVC featuring UV-FORCE

Continuous air disinfection with HEPA-filtration and pathogen destruction. 

The Germbuster Far-UVC comes with the patented UV-FORCE technology which includes:

One 16" UV-FORCE lamp and 300 watt power supply with three settings. 

Lamp hours meter, 120v, LED settings light

Exhaust rate of 330 cfm

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