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2015 PDC Summit: Exploring New Products

Trade shows like the 2015 PDC Summit are one of the most efficient ways to find new products - whether you are a manager looking to take your facility's efficiency to the next level or a product retailer that wants to expand your offerings. Hundreds of booths will be ready and eager to share the products they are most proud of - some of which may be seeing the light of day for the first time in San Antonio. Keep reading for some strategies for finding and evaluating new products at this year's Summit. 

Plan Ahead

If you're attending the PDC Summit or any other show with new products on your mind, you'll be doing yourself a service to get acquainted with the show and its vendors before showing up. Find a map of the show floor and make a list of which booths are most relevant to your business. Even if you are not exactly sure who you want to talk to, most shows will be organized in such a way that vendors of a certain type are all in one area.

Plan to spend the most time in the area that is most suited to what you are looking for from your products. You can also make appointments to stop by and see vendors that you know for certain you want to speak with, which will keep both you and them accountable.

Be Budget Minded

The thrill of the trade show atmosphere can be overwhelming, leading to rash decisions. If you're attending any show looking for new products, you should be well aware of the budget you have available for those particular products. Buyers at trade shows in particular can run into budgetary concerns when vendors set order minimums that may not fit within the budget you had planned. Be sure to brush up on your negotiation skills if you plan to make purchases at the Summit, because vendors often have some flexibility, especially if they are able to close a deal before the show ends.

Get a Follow Up on the Books

Not every product will be a perfect fit right off the bat. If you find a vendor that you like but you can't make a purchase right away, be sure to schedule a follow-up to establish yourself as a serious buyer. That means doing more than simply exchanging business cards: actually make an appointment to talk once the show is over. There may be other products or projects that would make sense for collaboration if you can keep the relationship afloat.

Trade shows are one of the most efficient ways to find new products and the PDC Summit will be no exception. For a list of some of the vendors we're most excited to see, plus more information about attending the show, be sure to download our free guide to the 2015 PDC Summit below.

With our free guide you'll get tips on how to network effectively, how to set the stage for contract negotiation, top vendors to see, area attractions and more.

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