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Why Top Builders Swear by HEPACART® for Clean Healthcare Construction


As a healthcare facility manager, you've got a lot on your plate. From making sure that your hospital is using the available space the most efficiently, keeping your facility up to code, balancing maintenance budgets, keeping an eye on potential renovation and construction projects, and prioritizing continual improvement, your days are full, and healthcare compliance is at the top of your mind. 

On an average day, regulatory compliance is a driving force in your decision-making, but it is even more important through construction and renovation projects where there is an increased risk of infection, irritation, and lower overall air quality in your facility. Because of this threat to patients and staff, your facility could be at risk by not taking the necessary precautions and meeting the appropriate cleaning standards. Those are the health and safety of patients and staff and financial liabilities that can be impacted when your facility is non-compliant with the health and safety standards in the construction processes.

Ultimately, a cleaner facility through the construction process benefits everyone, and the right knowledge, processes, and equipment can make your job of getting there much more streamlined. With HEPACART® equipment, you can rely on industry-leading efficiency paired with the flexibility to take on messy construction projects whenever they arise. From dust containment to negative air, we’ve got you covered with powerful machinery to keep your facility safe, avoid fines, and stay compliant through it all. 

The Power of HEPACART Products

When you choose a HEPACART product, you’re getting more than just dust containment or air filtration gear. You're securing durability, reliability, and the confidence that your medical facility is safe, even during the hustle of construction or renovation. At HEPACART, we don’t just create products to fill a need. We craft solutions to make your role as a facility manager smoother and more effective. Our mission is to develop tools that are not only productive and durable but also flexible enough to handle the various job demands of working in healthcare. We're all about protecting patients from dust and pathogens in healthcare environments while also supporting healthcare contractors and facilities managers with efficient infection-prevention tools.

In a post-pandemic market brimming with air purification and dust containment options, HEPACART is leading the way as a provider who truly understands the unique challenges of healthcare environments. Our products are a blend of innovation and practicality, designed to meet the high standards of safety and efficiency required in medical settings. This is why facility managers and builders trust us as the solution that keeps their healthcare facilities running safely and smoothly.

Top 5 Advantages of Choosing HEPACART for Clean Healthcare Construction 

1. Productivity

Every facility faces, at minimum, routine maintenance tasks like cable and wire installation, light installation, and HVAC projects. These tasks require time and focus to complete, and your infection control measures shouldn’t have to add complicated steps and excessive setup time. The HEPACART ceiling access cart was crafted for efficiency from the ground up to streamline these day-to-day operations. Thanks to its simple raising and lowering system, it can be repositioned in just 90 seconds. Plus, the built-in HEPA-filtration system means that there is less equipment for construction teams to lug around for each task. Our customers often tell us that this productivity boost alone makes their investment “pay for itself” quickly. 

2. Durability

Our first HEPACART ceiling access carts, which went to Shawnee Mission Medical Center in Kansas, are proof of our commitment to long-lasting quality. After decades of service, they're still in top-notch condition. This durability isn't unique to one HEPACART product. This level of quality and durability is standard for all our offerings, including dust containment carts, anterooms, mobile containment walls, negative pressure machines, and Far-UV germicidal irradiation equipment. 

3. Sustainability

Sustainability is at the heart of HEPACART's design. Our products are built with robust aluminum unibody construction and are not just lightweight and strong but also highly recyclable. This reduces energy costs and carbon emissions. Because of their long-lasting design and materials, they eliminate the need for temporary enclosures, significantly cutting down the environmental impact by reducing waste like plastic, wood, and drywall from renovation projects.

4. Flexibility

At HEPCART, we recognize that no two healthcare construction or renovation projects are the same. Because of this, we've equipped our machinery with over 50 adaptable features for whatever you may need your HEPACART machinery to handle. Most of these options can be added to our existing products, meaning that you don’t have to purchase a new machine for one small change in your needs. Looking for something specific? We’re always happy to guide your search — reach out to us today for expert help in customizing your HPECART equipment. 

5. Safety

Safety is non-negotiable for us, always. Any of our products that are equipped with HEPA filtration undergo rigorous testing and certification to ensure top-notch air quality and airflow. So, when you receive a HEPACART dust containment cart or any of our other equipment, you can confidently deploy health and safety measures around your facility. It’s our promise to you.

HEPACART Equipment: Pioneering in Dust Containment and Air Quality

We're proud to offer healthcare facilities around the globe a range of solutions that are at the top of their fields in dust containment, air purification, and negative air management. Each product in our lineup is designed with the unique challenges of healthcare environments in mind, ensuring that facility managers have the most effective tools at their disposal.

HEPACART® Classic: Revolutionizing Mobile Containment

The HEPACART Classic stands out in our Mobile Containment & Filtration line, crafted by healthcare contractors for their peers. This model embodies efficiency with its swift setup and takedown — under two minutes — making it a favorite for saving both time and labor costs. On-site, its user-friendly design allows a single person to maneuver the unit effortlessly, streamlining work and aiding contractors in completing tasks faster, which ultimately benefits both healthcare facilities and contractors financially.

HEPAFORCE® GermBuster: Championing Air Disinfection

The GermBuster Room Air Purifier, equipped with our UV-FORCE® technology, is a powerhouse in ensuring clean air. It's designed for continuous disinfection in areas like patient rooms, consultation areas, and waiting rooms, where preventing the spread of infection is critical. This unit works efficiently, drawing air through a pre-filter to trap larger particles, followed by a 99.97% effective HEPA filter for smaller particles. The result? Clean, purified air is consistently released, maintaining a healthy environment where it's most needed.

AnteRoom & AIR Negative Air Machines: The Dynamic Duo

Our AIR Negative Air Machines & Scrubbers are versatile tools for creating safer air environments in various settings, from medical facilities to construction sites dealing with mold, asbestos, or lead. These machines excel in tasks ranging from light construction to those requiring medical-grade HEPA filtration (99.99% efficiency at 0.3 microns). While they don't come bundled, pairing these with an AnteRoom setup enhances their efficacy, providing a comprehensive solution for managing air quality and pressure, and ensuring safety and compliance across diverse work scenarios.

Real Feedback: Builders' Endorsements of HEPACART Products

Don't just take our word for it — explore these testimonials from top builders who've experienced the wonders of HEPACART products first-hand.

“I Would Be Happy to Recommend HEPACART…”

“It is with a great deal of positive enthusiasm that I can write to you about the HEPACART DAHC74U-L(Dual Access) Ceiling & Wall Access Containment HEPA Filtration Cart that Manhattan Construction is using at St. John Broken Arrow Hospital in Broken Arrow, OK. the past several months.

St John Broken Arrow Hospital’s Safety Director, Epidemiology department, and Lead Engineer have consistently indicated that “...as long as a HEPACART is being used in these areas… you are good to go and we have no concerns for the patients' safety...”

I would be happy to recommend HEPACART to any Electrical/Mechanical Contractor or Construction company delivering projects in a healthcare environment.”

Joe Anderson

Project Superintendent, Manhattan Construction

Bottom Line: 

For the facility manager who’s looking to provide value across departments, HEPCART equipment is built to exceed expectations in professionalism, infection control, and patient safety. 

“[We] Have Found the HEPACART Products to Be Very Productive…” 

“The folks at Alaska Regional Hospital in Anchorage have really liked the professional look of BOTH the HEPACART HC74U-L, for our above-the-ceiling work) and the HEPACART AnteRooms we have deployed for various levels of critical room isolation on renovation projects.

Furthermore, my project staff at Layton Construction on site have found the HEPACART products to be very productive and more profitable in less time/labor expended over our experience with other manufacturers' products.

We also found, in not having to build our own room barriers...there is a ‘Lean Construction’ component of the HEPACART AnteRoom’s where we no longer had to dispose of environmentally non-recyclable waste.”

Curtis Hollbrook

Superintendent, Layton Construction

Bottom Line:

Your resources are valuable, and HEPCART machinery empowers you and your teams to do more with less - less time, less budget, and less risk to your facility as a whole. 

“The Carts Met and Exceeded the Need for ICRA Standard Protocol…”

“It has been my pleasure and many of our Facilities staff at Kaiser Permanente Las Angeles Medical Center campuses to highly recommend the HEPACART HC55U-L(HEPACART Classic) and HC74U-L(Two Man Cart Ceiling Access Containment/HEPA Filtration products.

The carts met and exceeded the need for ICRA standard protocols (proper containment of potential dust particle pathogens and filtration..), ease of operation, safety for both the workers and patients and long-term durability.

Our group will continue to use these products over a long period of time and would be happy to recommend them to not only other Kaiser Permanente locations… but other non-KP hospital organizations, as well.”

Peter E. Zaragoza

Construction General Superintendent

Bottom Line:

When you’re looking to comply with the health and safety standards set by ICRA, HEPACART equipment provides the industry-leading efficiency and longevity that you’re looking for.

Empower Your Healthcare Construction with HEPACART

In modern healthcare, your partner in infection control equipment matters. Our equipment is designed for your safety, compliance, and efficiency. Don’t just take our word for it — trust the experiences of countless facility managers and contractors who have trusted HEPACART products for years. 

Suppose you're navigating the complexities of healthcare construction. In that case, HEPACART's range of dust containment and air purification tools can streamline your processes and keep you compliant even when your schedule is full. For a closer look at how our products can benefit your facility and to discuss pricing, connect with our team. Together, we can make your healthcare construction projects safer and more efficient. 


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