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HEPACART®: Delivering High-quality Infection Control Solutions


As a facility manager, you know just how critical indoor air quality (IAQ) is to the patients and staff that are inside. Their health is very important, and circumstances like construction, maintenance, or renovation projects are likely to stress the purity of the air they breathe. Your job is keeping them safe, but how can you know you’re investing in the right equipment? Or are the ones you purchase doing what they say they will do? That’s where we come in.

The Power of HEPACART® Products

With every purchase of a HEPACART product, you aren’t just receiving air filtration or dust containment equipment. You’re getting industry-leading reliability and peace of mind that you’re equipped to provide your medical facility with safety, even through construction or renovation. If you're searching for a solution that offers safety, durability, and sustainability, all while being HEPA certified, you've come to the right place. This blog will discover the features that make infection control solutions reliable, giving you peace of mind while protecting your facility and its occupants.

What Makes HEPACART Different?

Many companies offer air purification and dust containment products, particularly in a world recently altered by the effects of a global pandemic, but what makes our products different from the rest? 

Focus on Safety

At HEPACART, safety is our number one priority. Our solutions are meticulously designed to create a safe environment, protecting both patients and staff. We understand the critical importance of maintaining safety standards, and our products are engineered to meet and exceed expectations. Because of our products’ HEPA certification, you can know precisely the level of filtration to expect and can proceed with construction projects safely and efficiently.

Durable Products

Quality and longevity are at the core of our mission. HEPACART solutions are built to last, ensuring your investment in our equipment delivers long-term value. The first HEPACART solutions sold in 2006 are still in active service, a testament to our exceptional durability. Also, over 5,000 health facilities across the globe rely on our solutions so that you can have confidence in our long-term track record of excellence. 


We believe in responsible practices that minimize waste and promote sustainability. 

First, we understand the importance of minimizing waste in healthcare settings and the impact that the waste we create can have. Because of this, we build features to help our products and users use less. For example, our innovative tents and enclosures are designed for reuse, reducing the need for single-use materials. 

Additionally, our solutions are engineered with energy efficiency in mind. We ensure our products operate efficiently while minimizing environmental impact by utilizing advanced technologies, such as low-power consumption motors and energy-saving features. 

By choosing HEPACART products, your facility can contribute to a greener future without compromising performance.


When it comes to air filtration in medical facilities, we strive for excellence. All our air filtration products are HEPA certified, guaranteeing the removal of harmful airborne particles. You can breathe easily, knowing that infection control solutions are equipped with cutting-edge technology to keep the air in your facility clean and safe. 

While other air filtration systems may market themselves as “HEPA-like” or “HEPA-style,” our products are the real deal. They have undergone rigorous testing and certification to ensure they provide the highest quality air filtration for your facility’s most vulnerable patients.


We take pride in our commitment to value and excellence. We understand that your facility's needs are unique, and we ensure that all of our equipment or equipment is designed with durability, productivity, safety, and flexibility in mind. You can rely on a dependable air quality solution tailored to meet your specific requirements and maintain air quality compliance, even in the most involved renovation projects.

Protect Your Facility with Infection Control Equipment

In everything from routine maintenance projects to intensive construction or renovation, your medical facility is at risk from airborne particles and bacteria that will be kicked up. Our dust containment and air filtration products offer solutions to protect the ones that need them most. 

We offer products that effectively contain renovation, construction, and maintenance areas, ensuring patient safety while allowing staff to deliver uncompromised care. When walls are knocked down, ceilings are disrupted, or flooring is removed, all kinds of potentially harmful particles can become airborne and cause infection in patients at your facility, especially ones that may already be immunocompromised. You can contain these particles, allowing you to protect your facility and limit the spread of infection with the flick of a switch. 

Dust Containment

Dust containment solutions create negative air pressure, capturing and filtering dust and contaminants from construction areas, preventing their release into the rest of the building. With dust containment tools, you can keep airborne particles contained in certain areas of your facility and trap them to minimize the risk of patients or staff breathing them in.

Air Filtration

Whether you need HEPA filtration or medical-grade HEPA filtration, our products provide a certified level of air filtration that will keep your medical facility’s air as clean as possible during messy construction or renovation projects. By removing harmful airborne particles, this equipment keeps the air in your facility pristine and safe for everyone inside. 

Save Time and Money

Infection control equipment is affordable and built with longevity in mind from the start. Their portability and durability translate into maximum efficiency, saving your facility time and money in the long run. Keeping your patients healthy is essential. Meeting The Joint Commission survey checklist is another great way to save time and money. Keeping your scores high based on the survey will result in the highest reimbursement for the facility, increasing revenue.

For even more time savings, consider faster setup options like the HEPACART® AutoLift, which is set up in under two minutes at the push of a button. This allows you and your teams to get filtration going in half the time, making it easier to filter the air wherever and whenever needed. 

HEPACART Delivers Performance; Performance Delivers Safety

We set the standard for reliability in the industry, providing safety, durability, sustainability, and HEPA certification in every unit we offer. We take pride in our products' ability to protect your facility and its occupants. From infection control to dust containment and air filtration, HEPACART products deliver unparalleled performance. We invite you to download our comprehensive pricing guide to learn more about our pricing and detailed information about each product we offer. 

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