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Finding Which HEPACART® Product is the Best Fit for Your Facility

Finding Which HEPACART® Machine is the Best Fit for Your Facility

Dust contamination is one of your facility's most prevalent causes of poor health and unproductivity. Having the necessary equipment to ensure clean, breathable air is one of the best ways to care for those in your facility. If you have decided to invest in a proper dust contamination solution to increase air quality, you may struggle to determine which device best fits. Choosing one that is catered to your needs and will work to accomplish your goals is crucial. Let’s look at some of the most prevalent options so you can make an informed decision. 

Protect Every Square Inch of Your Facility 

Your facility can benefit from a high-quality air purification system in construction, healthcare, education, or any other industry. In construction, dust and debris can harm breathing and create respiratory problems. In medical facilities, viruses and germs can roam and cause serious health concerns for immunocompromised patients. Meanwhile, poor indoor air quality (IAQ) in schools, colleges, and universities can decrease productivity. When educational facilities do not prioritize clean air, a student’s learning experience can be affected. 

When you prioritize IAQ, you must consider every inch of your facility. Surfaces can have dust, and particulate matter pulled into the air you breathe. When you prioritize your facility’s general cleanliness, it impacts the air quality. However, a daily cleaning routine will not always be thorough enough to eliminate tiny particulate matter. Going the extra mile with an air purification system is beneficial. 

Learn More About Each HEPACART Product

At HEPACART, we prioritize clean IAQ. Check out some of our most popular products if you want an air purification system to improve your facility’s air quality. 



We created the original HEPACART classic with healthcare in mind, but it is also an excellent solution for construction. By having healthcare contractors engineer and construct this mobile containment & filtration product, it is designed to combat germs, viruses, and other particulate matter. It comes in three different sizes, Classic 55, Classic 74, and Classic 74X, to ensure you can purchase one that best fits your needs. This dust-contaminant cart is built to last for years, and its portability helps you quickly move it throughout the facility. With the HEPACART Classic, you will not have to worry about ensuring it follows healthcare standards. Since healthcare contractors designed it, we have already factored in safety protocols during its conception. As the industry evolves, our machines follow suit. 

The HEPACART Classic utilizes a medical-grade High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter with a MERV rating of 18. A HEPA filter can remove 99.97% particulate matter 0.3 micrometers in diameter. If the particles are larger, the efficiency rate is even higher. By forcing air through a small mesh, the filter prevents particles from entering our air.  



If you want to increase efficiency and allow your contractors to work quickly, the HEPACART Auto Lift may be a good solution. While it performs like our HEPACART classic, it reaches up to 10 ft. 6 in. and features an electric push button that automatically raises and lowers the unit. It can be set up in less than two minutes. This is the only dust contamination cart with a HEPAFORCE® AIR Negative Air Machine & Scrubber. 



Our DUSTBUGGY Classic is similar to the HEPACART Classic but does not utilize a negative air machine or HEPA filter. We designed this unit for facility managers who do not foresee using those two features. Suppose you need a negative air machine or HEPA filter down the road. In that case, there are options for you to buy an export adapter and an external negative air machine or completely convert your machine to a HEPACART Classic. This machine is a more convenient and cost-effective solution for dust than plastic tent enclosures. With two different sizes, Classic 55 and Classic 74, you are guaranteed to find one that fits your needs. 



In medical facilities, having an air purification machine is crucial to prevent infection from traveling to the healthy. The GermBuster provides continuous air purification and can disinfect the air in a 3,200 cubic feet room 6 times per hour. Using a HEPA filter, these purifiers pull dirty air in through the bottom, purify it inside the unit, and then release clean air through the top. There is also an option to purchase a machine that uses UV-FORCE technology to deconstruct bacteria, viruses, and spores physically. Ï

HEPACART AnteRoom Module 48 Double Door

AnteRoom Isolation

You should invest in an AnteRoom Classic if total room isolation is needed. For construction sites and hospital rooms, this device will prevent dust, debris, germs, and viruses from traveling to another area in your facility. With three size options, you can find an AnteRoom that will be the perfect fit for entryways. Its easy installation and external negative air machine adaptors make it a popular choice for isolation needs. 


STARC Systems

Suppose you want a simple, easy-to-use, and environmentally friendly alternative to other solutions for dust containment, infection control, and noise issues. In that case, STARC® Systems RealWall™ is the best solution for your facility. This option is a highly customizable dust contamination solution that utilizes airtight, negative air panels. Its durability is unmatched, and the panels can even reduce noise by up to 50%. On top of that, you will never need to stack panels on top of each other. Each one can telescope to reach the ceiling for a seamless look. 

The STARC® Systems LiteBarrier™ has great features as the STARC® Systems RealWall™ but utilizes a lighter, single-panel design for increased customization. This option has no sound-attenuating foam core but is cheaper if soundproofing is not a top priority. If budget is a concern, this system gives you an option that will work to promote high-quality IAQ with a cheaper price tag. 

Which Suits You Best?

Whether to prevent debris and dust from traveling or total room isolation, HEPACART has a solution that can meet your needs. There will never be an option that works best for everyone. Finding which combination of products will serve you best in your pursuit of clean air may be daunting, but it is essential. First, decide what your goal is. It may be dust contamination, air filtration, or surface disinfection. From there, evaluate your options in each category. This will help you get the best solution for your needs. 

Take the First Step to Hassle-free Buying

Finding the best air filtration and dust containment systems for your facility can be a process, but we want to help eliminate the hassle. The buying process should be easy and seamless so you can focus on the facility’s day-to-day needs. If you are in the market for an infection control or dust containment solution but want to learn more about each option, download our pricing guide!

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