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Infection Control Best Practices: Health and Safety With HEPACART®


Infection control is not a phrase anyone in the healthcare industry takes lightly, especially given the chaos of the last several years in medical care. Whether running a small clinic or managing a large-scale hospital, your facility must be prepared to combat the spread of disease and infection for the sake of the employees and patients inside. After all, it doesn’t take much to cause a dangerous outbreak with so many people in close quarters — particularly those struggling with an already-lowered immune system. When it matters most, you are responsible for the health and safety of your facility. Are you prepared to keep disease and infection at bay? 

While infection control is mission-critical and the stakes are unbelievably high, you’re not alone. At HEPACART®, we’re committed to providing healthcare facilities like yours with thoughtful strategies and high-quality equipment to elevate your infection control.

Relieve the Headache

Let's get one thing straight: a solid plan for infection control is not a luxury — it's a necessity for any modern healthcare setting. Patient safety, staff well-being, and even your facility's financial health hinge greatly on how effectively you can prevent the spread of infections among your patients and staff. Put simply, it's much too important to be an afterthought. While infection control is a priority in many cases, it can be overshadowed by the urgency of day-to-day patient care. When this happens, even the normal operations of your facility feel the pressure. An infection outbreak causes patient health concerns, more staff stress, and increased financial burdens on your facility. Does this sound familiar? Luckily, even the busiest medical facilities can implement robust infection control methods with smart infection control strategies and carefully selected air filtration, isolation, and purification equipment.

Our Top 4 Powerful Infection Control Strategies

In order to protect your facility from infection, there are plenty of practical steps that you can take. No matter what type of healthcare setting you’re running, these four strategies will set your facility up for a cleaner, safer environment for everyone. 

1. Support Your Infection Control Team

Behind every safe healthcare facility is a diligent infection control committee. This team is responsible for monitoring protocols, researching new strains of bacteria, and educating staff. The biggest challenge? We’re fighting the spread of infection in the real world. While patient safety ideals and protocols may sound great on paper, turning those ideals into realistic, practical actions in a dynamic healthcare setting can be tough. Sound leadership, continuous training, and access to the right resources can go a long way in making this possible.

2. Focus on Respiratory Hygiene Awareness

According to the World Health Organization, implementing effective respiratory hygiene is a task easier said than done. Why? Because patients can be highly contagious even without showing clear symptoms. Rapid diagnostic tests can be either too expensive or simply unavailable. Instead, take care to use preventive measures like signage, mask usage, and patient isolation need to be strategic and ongoing to limit the spread of these invisible infections that can be passed around quickly and unintentionally. 

3. Always Plan for The Unexpected

Construction and renovation projects can be more than just an aesthetic upgrade or addition — they are also an opportunity to give your infection control measures a boost. With the increasing frequency of natural disasters, planning for resiliency has become essential to maintain infection control during such unforeseen events. Take advantage of construction periods to better equip your facility for the worst. Whether you may lose access to power, water, or any other resource during a disaster situation, it’s important to not only be able to continue normal operations but to keep your guard up against the spread of infection continually. 

Alternative power sources or backup water stores might be considered depending on your facility's location and needs. Consider your geographical location and the types of natural disasters most pressing to defend against. Make those decisions, and then formulate a plan for the worst. Preparation is your best friend, so take the time while things are running smoothly to prepare for the unexpected. 

4. Keep an Eye on Advances in Infection Control Technology

Staying up-to-date with the latest technological developments can provide a significant advantage for your facility’s infection control procedures. While older equipment and infection control protocols may still work, you’ll be able to do the best job at mitigating the spread of disease by taking advantage of the latest advancements. Implementing newer technologies like mobile dust containment carts, negative air machines with HEPA filters, and UV disinfection tools can help you meet the most rigorous infection control risk assessment (ICRA) guidelines for even Class IV and V construction projects. 

The Power of HEPACART Products

When you invest in a HEPACART product, you're doing more than just purchasing a piece of equipment. You're investing in industry-leading reliability and peace of mind, essential for maintaining a high safety standard, especially during construction or renovation phases.

What Makes HEPACART Different?

Durability: Our products are built to last, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Safety: We prioritize the safety of your patients and staff, right down to the smallest components.

HEPA Certifications: Any unit we offer with true HEPA filtration is rigorously tested and officially HEPA-certified, ensuring the highest filtration efficiency without compromise. 

Reliability: We're trusted across the healthcare industry for our uncompromising commitment to quality.

Protect Your Facility with Infection Control Equipment

Wherever your facility could use support in the fight against harmful infections, HEPACART offers durable and highly effective equipment to suit any medical center’s needs. 

Dust Containment

Airborne particles are a prime method of transportation for the spread of infections. Pathogens cling to dust and debris in the air and can go much further within your facility. Whether from active construction or renovation projects or as a routine element of a busy medical facility, dust can become a harbinger of infection when left unchecked. You shouldn’t have to stop daily activities or avoid construction altogether, so dust containment equipment provides a way to — as the name would suggest — contain the airborne dust and debris to keep it hidden and unable to cause any harm. Our dust containment solutions are specifically designed to keep these threats contained and under control but to do so quickly and conveniently as a part of your ongoing infection control strategy. 

Looking for high-quality dust containment equipment to boost your facility’s infection control measures? Explore our entire suite of dust containment products today. 

Air Filtration

Clean air is healthy air. By filtering out potentially dangerous particles from the air in your facility, you reduce potential irritation and allergic reactions and greatly reduce the risk of patients contracting infection through airborne particles. Our air filtration systems remove dangerous particles and pathogens to protect your staff and patients with the power of HEPA filtration — built and tested to filter out 99.97% of particles down to .3 microns in size. Better yet, if you’re looking for an even higher level of filtration, a medical-grade HEPA filter removes a whopping 99.995% of 0.3-micron contaminants. Whichever makes more sense for your facility, HEPACART has you covered with air filtration equipment to keep the spread of infection at bay. 

If you’re on the hunt for high-level air filtration, discover the power of our industry-leading products to boost your infection control strategy. 

Empower Your Infection Control With HEPACART

You can't afford to take risks with subpar equipment in a field where seconds can make all the difference. We’re proud to set the industry standard for reliability by offering safety, durability, and sustainability in every product. Our products provide unparalleled performance regarding infection control, dust containment, and air filtration. So, why settle for anything less?

Download our comprehensive guide on infection control solutions to take your healthcare facility’s safety measures to the next level.

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