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HEPACART® AutoLift: Redefining Clean Environments for Facility Managers


In an age where healthcare facilities continually strive for the highest patient care and cleanliness standards, we can’t leave anything to chance. Construction projects, maintenance repairs, or renovation overhauls are part of running a modern medical center. Still, as the facility manager, it’s your responsibility to equip your facility to overcome these challenges with safety and patient care at the core of your operation. 

When sky-high industry standards and increasingly intense accreditation requirements are on the line, leading medical establishments trust the HEPACART® AutoLift to equip their facilities and optimize the efficiency of their efforts. The HEPACART AutoLift model is designed as airborne particle containment with industry-leading HEPA filtration equipped with automatic lift technology to save on labor costs. Better yet, this unique equipment meets The Joint Commission standards to protect against infection in facilities and can help your facility to achieve the highest scores and receive the greatest reimbursement to save revenue, productivity, and time.

This blog will explore the HEPACART AutoLift from top to bottom. From overall design to build quality and efficiency, the HEPACART AutoLift was created to protect your medical facility from harmful dust, debris, and airborne pathogens while maximizing team productivity. 

HEPA Filtration for ICRA Compliance in Risk Level I-V Projects

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The HEPACART AutoLift was built with excellence in mind from day one. With innovative features in its structure, enclosure, filtration, and electrical design, along with superior building materials, you can confidently choose this machine to streamline your dust containment and air filtration needs around your entire facility to promote the ultimate clean environment. The HEPACART AutoLift is uniquely designed and rigorously tested to meet ICRA compliance requirements for the highest patient risk level. When it comes to your medical facility's ultimate protection and safety, look no further. 

So, what makes the HEPACART AutoLift unlike anything else in its class and worthy of level I-V ICRA compliance? Let’s dive into the specifics: 

What Makes the HEPACART AutoLift Different from the HEPACART® Classic?

The HEPACART AutoLift is a game-changer compared to the HEPACART Classic. The biggest win here is the automatic lift technology that saves you time and labor costs. No more manual raising and lowering — now, you’re ready for action at the push of a button. Setup is a breeze, taking only 90 seconds to get it up and running. With the HEPACART AutoLift, you not only meet accreditation requirements, but you also optimize efficiency in your facility.


  • Crafted from a fully-boxed aluminum frame, its lightweight, unibody design stands as a testament to precision.
  • Fastened using aircraft-grade inserts and truss-head screws.
  • Each non-marring caster is empowered with a 900 lbs rating. The swivel locks on one end amplify convenience.
  • The entire cart has a commendable weight rating of 1,500 lbs.


  • Tailored for healthcare, the enclosure is robust, lasting up to 5 times longer than woven alternatives.
  • Choose between pristine white or a translucent hue.
  • Features antimicrobial properties, non-woven texture, anti-static capability, and fire resistance raise the bar on longevity and value for your investment.
  • The clear zipping top and two pass-thru slips simplify operations.


  • The lab-tested design is meticulous. The HEPA filter guarantees 99.99% efficiency at 0.3 μm.
  • The MERV 8 Pleated Pre-filter and the fan rated at 750 CFM surpasses the ASHRAE 52.2 MERV 16 Rating, resulting in a 70-84.9% reduction of particles ranging from 3.0–10.0 microns.
  • The fan's position post the HEPA filter promises unmatched particle reduction.


  • The HEPACART AutoLift complies with UL Standard 507 and is certified to CSA STD 22.2 No. 113.
  • The GFCI-protected outlets, a 25 ft. retractable cord, and enhanced infection-prevention capability mean that this machine is ready for air filtration wherever and whenever you need it. 

Selecting the Right HEPACART AutoLift Machine for You

While the filtration capabilities and ease of setup are consistent across every HEPACART AutoLift model, different projects may require slightly different dimensions to do the best job of filtering harmful particles from the air. With three unique size options, you’re sure to find one that aligns with the dimensions you’re looking for. 

HEPACART AutoLift 55

The smallest and most portable option out of the three size options, the HEPACART AutoLift 55 offers 55 inches of cart workspace and a full external length of 60 inches. This model fits through any standard 36” door.


HEPACART AutoLift 74 

The next largest model, the HEPACART AutoLift 74, boasts a much larger 74 inches of cart workspace and an external length of 80 inches. This model fits through any standard 36” door.


HEPACART AutoLift 74X 

The largest of the three HEPACART AutoLift models is the HEPACART 74X AutoLift. This machine offers the same 74-inch workspace and 80 inches of external length, but due to its larger size, it only fits through standard 42” doors or larger. 

Compliance and Certifications: Rigorous Testing for Unmatched Quality


At HEPACART®, we believe that trust is earned, not given. That's why we invest in rigorous testing for our machinery that is conducted by LMS Technologies, Inc., an independent laboratory based in Bloomington, MN, USA. This evaluation, under the supervision of President Al Vatine and Microbiologist John Cherne, helps us ensure that our units are providing the ultimate safety for our customers. 

In these tests, the HEPACART DAHC55U-H (the HEPACART Classic 55) was subjected to a viability test against three distinct organisms: Staphylococcus aureus (ATCC 6538), Aspergillus Niger (ATCC 1004), and MS-2 Phage (ATCC 15597-B1). The goal was to assess the unit's collection efficiency and confirm filtration power.

The testing methodology was detailed and meticulous. First, the organisms were grown on their respective media, harvested, and then suspended in saline to a density of 1.0 x 10^6. The suspensions were aerosolized into the HEPACART using a nebulizer for 5 minutes. Post-filtration downstream air was sampled using an SKC bio stage impactor, precisely calibrated to draw 28 liters per minute.

After 1-2 days of incubation, the recovered organisms were counted, and the testing was replicated three times for each organism. The filtration efficiency was then calculated using Efficiency = (Upstream - Downstream)/Upstream x 100.

Our intensive testing revealed that every HEPACART product factory is equipped to cleanse the air to the highest ICRA level, demonstrating 99.99% or higher efficiency at 0.3 micrometers. Additionally, our filter integrity tests (IEST-RP-CC0034.2) and particulate tests confirm that our device delivers ISO 14644 compliant Class 5 air, attesting to the HEPACART AutoLift's exceptional performance.

HEPACART AutoLift and U.S. Compliance Standards

Compliance isn't just a word; it's a commitment. And here at HEPACART, we take that commitment very seriously in our dedication to excellence across the board. 

Certification by Intertek

A global name in testing, inspection, and certification, Intertek has meticulously tested and approved our units, ensuring their reliability and performance.

UL Standard 507 Compliance

Our HEPACART units conform to the UL Standard 507, a recognized safety standard for electric fans. 

Standard U.S. Grounded Plug

Each HEPACART is equipped with a standard U.S. grounded plug designed for optimal safety and efficient power delivery.

25 ft. Cord Reel & GFCI Outlets

Flexibility in operations is crucial. That's why our units come with a 25 ft. retractable cord reel and are accompanied by Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets, providing an added layer of protection against electric shock.

Optimal Voltage and Frequency

Designed and built for leading global facilities, our units run on 120 vac. at 60 Hz, making them perfect for seamless integration into your facility without needing any electrical modifications.

When you choose HEPACART, you choose a product that adheres to and often surpasses domestic compliance standards. With each unit, we aim to give our clients the peace of mind that they're investing in a safe, efficient, and compliant solution for their healthcare facility and providing an industry-leading standard for clean environments. 

The 5 Keys to Air Quality Peace of Mind With the HEPACART AutoLift

1. Lab-tested Design

The HEPACART-designed system has been tested by third-party labs, including LMS Technologies with impressive results. 

2. Optimal Airflow

The design of airflow is critical to containment, so the HEPACART filtration system design has been smoke-tested to ensure air is appropriately contained and filtered. 

3. Premium HEPA Filtration

Our HEPA filters are first scan-tested at the factory and come with a 99.99% certification — even more efficient than the standard HEPA classification. 

4. Rigorous Unit Testing

Every HEPACART is tested as an assembled unit with an ATI Photometer, an EBT Balometer, and an EBT Micromanometer with an ATI Generator to confirm proper filter installation and integrity.  

5. Annual Calibration 

All of our testing equipment is recalibrated annually, reflecting our commitment to the highest level of quality.

After a HEPACART unit passes all tests, it earns a compliance certificate, and you receive a report of these tests, including the unit’s electricity usage and noise levels. For best results, It's important to retest your unit yearly or if the filter might be damaged.

Creating a Clean Environment For Your Facility

Designed for superior airborne particle containment, the HEPACART AutoLift efficiently equips healthcare facilities with exceptional air quality standards, optimizes labor, and meets The Joint Commission standards. 

By choosing HEPACART, facilities invest in a trustworthy partner that helps them save revenue, productivity, and time while achieving top-tier infection prevention and control standards. Discover which HEPACART AutoLift unit will level up your facility’s air filtration game with our free pricing guide. Download yours today!

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