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The Top-rated Dust Containment Cart for Construction and Renovation


In healthcare, construction projects are about so much more than the project at hand. As the facility manager, you must consider the health and safety of everyone inside the building. Don't just simplify the outcome of routine maintenance or construction renovations. From patients to staff, everyone can be impacted by airborne dust particles that are not properly contained. These particles can irritate vulnerable patients and hardworking staff, and there is a higher likelihood that those dust particles carry dangerous viruses in a medical setting. 

One of the best ways you and your teams can prevent the spread of disease and infection is to manage the dust containment of your facility. Your choice of tools and equipment can make a huge difference in your ability to mitigate the risks, and today we’re going to cover some of the different types of dust containment carts available from HEPACART® that equip your healthcare facility to stay safe and healthy.

3 Essential Dust Containment Carts for Facility Managers

There is more to dust containment than basic air filtration, and the right equipment can help your facility reach the level of air quality that you want to provide to your patients and staff more quickly and easily – even through the potential chaos of a construction or renovation project. 

HEPACART Dust Containment Carts

HEPACART was founded in 2006 to create products that protect people during high-risk construction, renovation, and maintenance projects, and we take that mission seriously in creating our line of dust containment carts for medical facilities. HEPACART Dust Containment Carts are a trusted and highly-rated solution in air filtration and dust containment. With a suite of containment systems to choose from and an array of sizes and options, your facility can surely find an option that fits comfortably into your budget and dust containment needs seamlessly. From a simple dust collector cart to the more robust and hands-free AutoLift, every project has a HEPACART product. 



If your project doesn’t require the same level of intensity that a traditional HEPACART filtration cart provides, the DUSTBUGGY unit may be a perfect fit. This smaller piece of equipment is a compact and portable dust containment cart ideal for smaller-scale projects without the added weight or bulk of the HEPA filtration or negative air machine attached. The DUSTBUGGY product brings excellent mobility without compromising performance, making it a cost-effective choice for healthcare facilities.



The HEPACART Classic is a tried and true option for HEPA-certified filtration, along with a stellar track record for affordability and reliability. Since its launch in 2006, the HEPACART Classic cart has been a mainstay in medical facilities worldwide, looking to provide their patients and staff with the highest dust containment and filtration level.


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The HEPACART AutoLift is a variation of the HEPACART Classic dust containment cart and another top-rated option that offers convenience and efficiency. With all the power of its Classic counterpart, the AutoLift cart is faster and easier to set up and tear down with the push of a button. These streamline dust containment, saving time and effort while ensuring cleanliness and safety

Promote Safety in Your Facility

Healthcare facilities rely on tools and equipment to maintain the highest levels of safety for their patients and staff, and a dust collector cart is the key to providing them with clean air that you can feel good about. No matter which model makes the most sense for your budget and needs, you’ll find that all of the HEPACART dust containment solutions were created with safety at their core. 

One area in which a mobile dust containment cart excels is the speed of deployment. When time is of the essence, having a cart that can be quickly set up and taken down is crucial. These carts save time, prevent environmental waste, enhance productivity and safety, and provide a clean, professional look and minimally intrusive presence. When your facility is undergoing a major renovation project, the last thing you need is a dust containment solution that adds to the chaos. HEPACART products not only help to clean the air in your facility but also align with your facility’s overall values of safety and environmental consciousness while keeping a low profile. 

We don’t just claim to have these benefits. Every HEPACART unit has a certificate of compliance indicating that it has passed each item on our quality control checklist, so you can know with certainty that your dust containment unit does exactly what it says it will do. 

Solve Common Healthcare Facility Problems with HEPACART

Patient and Staff Safety

A top priority in any healthcare facility is the safety of patients and staff. Dust and other contaminants generated during construction and renovation can pose serious health risks. By using a dust containment cart, facility managers can ensure that these hazards are contained, protecting the well-being of everyone in the facility.

Infection Control

Infection control is critical in healthcare settings because Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) pose a real danger to everyone in your facility. Dust particles can carry bacteria and other harmful microorganisms, increasing the risk of infections among disadvantaged people due to suppressed immune systems. Dust containment carts with advanced filtration systems help maintain a clean and sterile environment, reducing the chances of cross-contamination and promoting better infection control practices.

Financial Challenges

Healthcare construction and renovation projects can be costly, but high-quality dust containment carts can save facility managers money in the long run. HEPACART dust containment products are built with durability in mind. Our first units in 2006 are still operational and continue to serve their facilities. In some cases, retrofitting older equipment is a good solution to help your product last even longer while meeting dust containment standards. When you invest in HEPACART dust containment products, you can rely on your equipment for years to come, stretching your equipment budget further.

Explore Our Top-rated Carts

Our top-rated dust containment carts, including the HEPACART Classic, DUSTBUGGY, and HEPACART AutoLift, are equipped with industry-leading features that will take your facility’s dust containment to the next level. Your patients and medical staff deserve the best, and our line of dust collector carts was built with them in mind from day one. From superior filtration systems to ICRA compliance for levels I-IV, these carts offer the best-in-class solutions for dust containment in healthcare facilities. When you choose one of our carts, you can have peace of mind knowing that you're investing in a reliable and effective tool.  

Equip Your Facility with Dust Containment Solutions

Having the best equipment, such as a top-rated dust containment cart, can significantly improve the safety and efficiency of healthcare construction and renovation projects. Investing in a high-quality cart can protect patients and staff, maintain strict infection control measures, and reduce long-term financial burdens. Download our pricing guide today to learn more about our top-rated carts and find the perfect fit for your facility.

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