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3 Healthcare Facilities Problems a Dust Containment Cart Can Solve

Imagine working in a hospital when the first gurney rolled through the doors. Or being among the first physicians to use a modern syringe to draw blood. The healthcare industry is constantly being improved and utterly changed by advancements in technology.

A mobile dust containment cart may not exist at the same level as a gurney or a syringe in terms of healthcare innovations, but the fact remains that they can have a far reaching impact on a number of facility issues. Keep reading to find out how.

Worker Safety

Patient safety and comfort are paramount in any healthcare facility, but the safety and comfort of facility workers is also critical in maintaining a hospital or clinic that works efficiently. Unfortunately, worker safety is also an issue that can frequently be overlooked. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, workers in hospitals are more likely to be injured or become ill and take resulting days off from work than workers in construction or manufacturing. The causes of this statistic are multifaceted, but the fact remains that mobile dust containment units do result in increased worker safety, particularly in terms of air quality during construction, maintenance, and above-ceiling work.

Infection Control

The impact of a mobile dust containment care on infection control may seem like a given, but many may not appreciate the real risk of healthcare associated infection (HAIs) for patients in healthcare facilities. According to the CDC, every day one in 25 hospital patients in the U.S. is suffering from an HAI.

Like worker safety, the problem of infection control is multifaceted, but dust containment of dangerous spores is an important step towards a facility with reduced HAIs and healthier patients. Mobile dust containment units mean that HVAC and filtration systems can be better maintained and that when that maintenance takes place, patients are safer.

Financial Challenges

An increased demand for healthcare, coupled with a move to value-based service models means that hospitals are expected to successfully treat more patients than ever without compromising safety or efficacy. Dust containment carts do not treat patients, but they do mean that hospital maintenance workers can work more efficiently, which in turn means that hospitals can treat more patients because fewer areas must be cordoned off for ceiling access and other maintenance projects. Increased efficiency for facilities teams means better performance for the hospital overall.  

While a dust containment cart is just one piece of equipment that has an impact on the quality of services a hospital provides, it can be an important addition to any facility. Solving every issue at a healthcare facility is a continuous struggle, so it is important to choose those tools that make the job easier while also keep patients and employees safe.

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