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Case Study: Effectiveness of Mobile Dust Containment Units During Construction

The main goal of dust containment during hospital construction or renovation is to prevent the spread of infectious particles to other areas of a healthcare facility. If an area is not properly contained, especially if the project involves ceiling access, then the risk of infectious particles like bacteria, viruses, or other airborne pathogens spreading is almost inevitable.

Infection control and facilities managers of healthcare facilities need to be more aware about the spread of hazardous air particles as compared to other construction sites, as patients in hospitals and other care facilities are already at a higher risk for infection. To meet this goal, there are a few different infection control solutions that can be put to use.

One of those solutions is the mobile dust containment cart. These can be a great solution to the infectious particles found in ceilings because not only do they prevent the contamination of the surrounding environment, but unlike single-use containment solutions, they are also able to be reused and transported to the site where they are needed.

A new case study done by AMI Environmental, a company that does full-service environmental consulting and remediation, demonstrates the effectiveness of our mobile dust containment carts. Not only did they conclude that the HEPACART® dust containment unit effectively controlled dust and particulates, they also found that using a HEPACART® dust containment cart resulted in lowered air particles in hospital spaces, showing that the cart was able to help improve air quality overall. Be sure to check out the full report in the link below.

Case Study: How Effective are Mobile Containment Units

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