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Duct Cleaning Equipment: What to Use in High Risk Areas

Keeping HVAC systems, particularly ductwork, needs to be kept clean in any environment. However, in a hospital setting where vulnerable patients are staying, it is even more important that the ventilation system be clean and not spreading dust, debris, and potentially germs which can cause hospital acquired infections throughout the hospital.

Annual Inspections are Critical

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) recommends that hospitals conduct HVAC system inspections every year. While an inspection will not necessarily reveal that a cleaning is required, it's by far the easiest way to determine that. Professional HVAC inspectors can conduct these inspections.

Duct Cleaning Equipment

When an inspection determines that a hospital's duct work is in need of cleaning, it means that dust and allergens have built up inside of the ducts. A professional cleaning service with the right duct cleaning equipment is the best way to ensure that the HVAC system gets clean and the air in the hospital stays free from irritants and dangerous infectious particles.

Negative Air Machine

A negative air machine is essential when it comes to cleaning ducts in a hospital. The cleaning process can understandably stir up a lot of debris that has accumulated inside the ventilation system. A negative air machine can be placed at one end of the duct system to create negative air pressure. When used in conjunction with HEPA filtration, this process ensures that all air is directed towards the filter so that any particles escaping from the duct cleaning process is removed from the air before it is placed back into common circulation.

Air Scrubber

If the cleaning work is contained to a single, sealed area, an air scrubber can be used in place of a negative air machine. The air scrubber uses the same basic principles as the negative air machine, drawing air in from the outside and forcing it through a HEPA filtration system before exhausting it. This works to clean the air in a single area, perhaps one where duct cleaning has taken place, but is less efficient than a negative air machine, which attaches directly to the ductwork.

Portable Dust Containment System

A portable dust containment system, such as a HEPACART™ is another piece of duct cleaning equipment that can be quite useful. Integrating a negative air machine and HEPA filtration, as well as a portable enclosure that makes ceiling access easy and safe, it is an effective tool for making the duct cleaning process go more smoothly. For contractors that frequently clean ducts in high-risk areas, a portable dust containment system could certainly be a good investment. 

Keeping the air clean in a hospital or other high-risk environment is absolutely essential. While the duct cleaning process itself can stir up debris, when done properly a clean ventilation system will be much more effective at preventing infection and maintaining a safe environment.

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