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7 Valuable Education Resources for Healthcare Facilities Managers

The Certified Health Care Facility Manager (CHFM) credential is highly regarded in the healthcare industry, in large part due to the renewal process that requires certified professionals to stay up-to-date on the latest findings and trends in the healthcare facility management space. As an alternative to retaking the certification exam, healthcare facilities managers can instead complete 45 contact hours of continuing education. Many people prefer this method of certification renewal because it gives them the opportunity to learn what’s happening today in the industry by being immersed in it. Here are seven opportunities and resources that you should consider for your continuing education:



1. PDC Summit

Contact Hours: Up to 23

The International Summit and Exhibition on Health Facility Planning, Design, and Construction, more commonly known as the PDC Summit, is an annual conference that is typically held in March. During this four-day event, attendees can choose from more than 70 educational sessions presented by industry leaders and experts. Pricing for the conference varies depending on ASHE or AIA membership, and DOD/VA or student status.

Learn more on the PDC Summit website.


2. ASHE Annual Conference & Technical Exhibition

Contact Hours: Up to 20.5

In 2018, over 3,700 industry professionals from healthcare facility managers to construction and design professionals attended the ASHE Annual Conference & Technical Exhibition, usually held in July or August. Like the PDC Summit, the ASHE Annual Conference offers learning and networking opportunities, many of which can be counted towards your continuing education requirement. Pricing for the conference varies depending on ASHE membership.

Learn more on the ASHE Annual Conference Website.



3. Managing the PDC Process Program

Contact Hours: 12.5

This two-day seminar, conducted in-person, focuses on building the skills and knowledge required to successfully plan and oversee construction projects in healthcare settings. You’ll learn about keeping project on schedule and within budget with other healthcare facilities managers, as well as construction project managers, architects, and design engineers.

Learn more here.


4. Managing Infection Prevention During the Construction & Operation of Health Care Facilities

Contact Hours: 12.5

This course focuses on infection control requirements and best practices during the renovation, construction, and operation of healthcare facilities. Designed for healthcare facilities managers and contractors working in healthcare spaces, this two-day seminar gives you the tools and knowledge you need to prevent infection during construction projects.

Learn more here.


5. Health Care Water System and Management of Waterborne Pathogens Program

Contact Hours: 7

A shorter, one-day program, this course takes a deeper look at waterborne pathogens, risk factors, and responses should an outbreak occur. From design and construction to ongoing testing, you’ll learn how to accurately evaluate water quality and what to do in emergency situations.

Learn more here.



6. Application of NFPA 99 in Health Care Facilities e-Learning Course

Contact Hours: 15

This online learning course is designed to help participants understand the NFPA 99, including how to navigate the code and how to assess a healthcare facility according to it. Regardless of your experience or familiarity with the NFPA 99, it is a useful resource for healthcare facilities managers to refresh their knowledge of industry standards and requirements.

Learn more here.


7. Health Facilities Management Magazine

Contact Hours: 1 per edition

Published monthly, the Health Facilities Management magazine is an excellent resource for facilities management professionals, as it includes the top articles of the month with current information. For each edition, ASHE offers the opportunity to take a knowledge check quiz for 0.1 CEUs, or 1 contact hour. Done consistently over the course of the three years that the certification is valid, this potentially amounts to 36 contact hours, and gives you the opportunity to stay on top of industry thinking.

Learn more at the magazine website.


Continuing education is a requirement for the CHFM credential because it means better informed healthcare facilities managers. No matter how you approach your continuing education, pursuing further knowledge means you and your facility are better equipped to deal with the challenges faced by healthcare facilities today.


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