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What is a DUSTBUGGY™ and Does Your Hospital Need One?


In a hospital setting, patient safety is top of mind during any standard procedures, including building maintenance and construction. Patient and worker safety is what the art of containment is all about. But no matter how strict the containment rules you have in place, you need to have the right equipment to adhere to those containment provisions. The DUSTBUGGY can be a critical tool that can keep operating costs down while still providing top of the line containment options for your hospital.


The key difference between the DUSTBUGGY and the HEPACART™ is that theDUSTBUGGY does not come with a negative air machine. Otherwise, the construction of the two units is quite similar. Like the HEPACART™, the DUSTBUGGY is made with a heavy-duty aluminum base, 900 pound rated wheel assemblies, and an easy to set up and take down telescoping enclosure that reaches 10'6" in the standard model and 12' with the taller enclosure option.

DUSTBUGGY™ for Hospital Work

A DUSTBUGGY for hospital work is a great solution in maintenance or repair situations where you do not need to use a negative air machine. For instance, where you might use plastic tents for minimal containment, a DUSTBUGGY can be a much more efficient solution because it is so fast to set up, take down, and move to another location. SomeDUSTBUGGY models, also feature a port for connecting a negative air machine, so if you want to convenience and durability of the aluminum frame and HEPACART™ reputation, but you already have a negative air machine, the DUSTBUGGY can be a way to save on costs.


TheDUSTBUGGY comes in three different models, each of which has two versions, depending on whether one or two workers need to use the unit at a given time. The HEPACART site includes a full list of the differentDUSTBUGGY models as well as a downloadable DUSTBUGGY™ data sheet.

Do You Need One?

Every hospital is different, so there is no way to say that you need a DUSTBUGGY in order to fulfill your containment needs. However, if you are looking for a containment solution that is easier and more efficient than plastic tenting, but do not need a negative air machine, a DUSTBUGGY is certainly a choice worth considering.

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