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We're Headed Down Under: HEPACART™ at IHEA Conference

Plus tips for attending a trade show!

Big news for our international followers today: HEPACART™ is going to be attending the Institute of Hospital Engineering Australia Conference next week! We'll be in attendance from Wednesday, September 9th through Friday, September 11th. The event is taking place at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Perth, Western Australia.

HEPACART™ is excited to be a part of this international conference, with the theme: Health Infrastructure Moving Forward and to meet Australian healthcare professionals from across the continent.

A range of HEPACART™ products  will be featured in Booth #31 on the show floor, courtesy of G&M Taylor Property Services.

In anticipation of our attendance, we've put together 5 more tips for making the most of a trade show. For our original post, click here: 5 Benefits of Attending an Industry Trade Show

1. Do Your Research

You can't just show up at a trade show with no game plan. That goes for attendees and exhibitors. You should know who is going to be there: potential vendors, competitors, and customers. Make it a point to memorize (or at least note on a map) where they'll be setting up. If you know certain prospects will be there, go ahead and reach out a week or two in advance to set up a time to meet and talk, preferably away from the show floor hubbub. A little preparation can go a long way in make the experience worth your while.

2. Get on Stage

If you're exhibiting at a trade show and have a booth, you might be seen but a lot of people. Only a small percentage will actually stop and talk to you. If you can get a speaking engagement, you'll have a lot more eyes on you and your message. So throw that stage fright out the window and grab a mic.

3. Splurge on the Conference Hotel

The IHEA conference and many like it take place at hotels. The hotel associated with the event may come at a higher price than the motel down the road, but the networking opportunities that come along with staying at the same hotel as the majority of attendees and exhibitors are well worth the extra cost.

4. Always Follow Up

This is a tip that bears repeating. No matter which side of the aisle you're on, you won't get anything out of your tradeshow experience if you don't follow up after it's over. That means sending an email or picking up the phone within a week at most. This is the most powerful tool at your disposal for staying engaged and making the most out of your show experience.

5. Track Your Goals

When you're in the planning stages of your trade show experience, be sure to set a goal or two for what you want from attendance. Is it more leads? A better sense of the marketplace? No matter what it is, write it down. Then when you get back from the show, sit down and determine whether you achieved that goal (or at least made positive strides). Not only is this a good way to stay focused during the show, it gives you a leg up when you need to prove that the expense of a show is worth it.


Looking forward to seeing you in Australia! Be sure to follow us on Twitter for updates about the show.

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