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The Art of Containment Key Points (Infection Control/Dust Containment)

As I mentioned in our last post, we have had the pleasure of showcasing to contractor's and facilities a great presentation that we call: The Art of Containment designed to help them make great dust containment choices. We define the "art" of containment as 1.) choosing the best tools for the application, utilizing those tools in a competent way 2.) utilizing those tools in a competent way and 3.) looking 'good' doing it (looking safe, serious and professional). Before digging into the basics of the presentation and highlighting our checklist for containment, there are a few other key points to remember.


• It is the means and methods you use that will ultimately be under scrutiny. The best containment tools and barriers on the market will have a negligible risk-mitigating impact if they are not used, used incorrectly, without skill, unsupervised, unapproved or not to contract specifications. So prior to purchasing any containment, the commitment has to be made to do it right!


• The containment process used is just as important as the containment product. Furthermore and equally important is, the process should be built into the containment product.

Higher risk levels may ultimately change your process. However, the product should be adaptable to different ICRA risk levels. Should the process change, the containment product must be able to adapt. 

The only constant is change. The next project will be different than the current project, have different regulations, different applications and involve different people.

Not all containment products follow the same processes. Some might be slightly faster and some might be safer but don't compromise one for the other. Remember, air-flow, HEPA-filtration, job--flexibility, proper containment, evolving environments all come into play. 

Next blog, I will dive deeper int patient and worker safety and what we believe is important. In the meantime, if you would like to discover our HEPACART product line, You can access our product catalog by clicking the button below. Thanks again for reading and let us know if we can help.

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