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Protect Your Patients with AnteRoom Isolation


As a facility manager, the health and safety of staff and patients are likely one of your top priorities. As these people show up to work or for an appointment, they do not expect a health hazard in the air they breathe. However, when the indoor air quality (IAQ) is not properly maintained, it can lead to numerous poor health symptoms. When your facility is undergoing some construction, it heightens the risk of poor IAQ. Taking proactive steps to keep your facility’s air clean can make a huge difference in the life of your staff and patients. 

Quality equipment can make your job easier while promoting clean and safe air. With a wide range of air cleaning and protection equipment, investing in one that specifically targets dust and infection while having a long lifespan is crucial. Anteroom isolation has been a popular method of containing diseases and construction debris for years. If you want to ensure clean IAQ in a risky environment, look no further than HEPACART®AnteRoom Classic. 

The AnteRoom Classic

With health facilities and construction sites, the space between the primary room and the working corridor is where dust and disease travel. Ensuring that only clean air flows from one facility area to another is essential to promote good health. The AnteRoom Classic allows a room to be completely isolated from other areas in the facility. This AnteRoom provides air filtration, dust collection, and infection control to prevent unwanted air pollutants from traveling to other areas. It is a temporary, reusable solution for any construction project or isolation needs. Providing total room isolation reduces patient risk from work dust and related contaminants.

How Does The Anteroom Work

With two external negative air machine adapters on either side of the enclosure, it cleans the air within the space. Expelling air through a HEPA filter to a space outside the room ensures that the enclosure maintains low pressure. The infected room air will not escape into the hallway when the door is opened. This allows a person to exit from one room and enter another without allowing poor IAQ to travel with them. By simply pausing for a few seconds after entering the AnteRoom, people will give the equipment time to work its magic before exiting the enclosure. 

The AnteRoom filters through dust and disease to provide clean, safe air. If a room in your facility is undergoing construction or you have an isolation area for sick patients, attaching an AnteRoom Classic to the doorway will help keep any air pollutants within the room and away from the rest of your facility. 

A Guide to HEPACART AnteRooms 

What differentiates the different versions of HEPACART AnteRooms? It’s simple, the size! All our AnteRooms have the same air filtration, dust collection, and infection control technologies but are designed to fit your unique needs.

AnteRoom Classic 36 

Our smallest size option measures 39.5" wide, 24" deep, and 85.5” tall. Extenders can easily be added to increase efficiency if you need larger doors or more depth. Some of the AnteRoom Classic 36’s features include a magnetically sealing aluminum module door, floor levelers, three windows, an electrical package with GFI-protected outlets, and ramps for moving in and out of the isolated room.

AnteRoom Classic 48

The AnteRoom Classic 48 measures 51.75” wide, 24" deep, and 85.5” tall, before adding extensions. Extenders and reducers can be added to accommodate doors from 36” to 52” inches. This model also includes the same features as the AnteRoom Classic 36.

AnteRoom 48 Patient Access

To help you move patients in and out of the enclosure easily, we created the AnteRoom 48 Patient Access model. It utilizes a double-door setup to help you wheel patient beds in and out. Before adding extenders, it fits a 48” door but can be increased to fit a 72” door. Some of its features include floor levelers, three windows, a lock and key set, an electrical package with GFI-protected outlets, and ramps for moving in and out of the isolated room.


Why an AnteRoom Will Benefit Your Facility

When there are multiple other ways to ensure your patients' and staff's safety and health, why is the AnteRoom the right tool to use? Let’s look at some of the top reasons other facility managers, just like you trust the AnteRoom.

Easy Cleaning

Your time is already spread thin. There are so many tasks that you must accomplish in a day and adding cleaning methods to promote healthy IAQ means more maintenance responsibilities are added to your already busy schedule. The HEPACART AnteRoom is designed for room isolation, it can serve many other functions. Set up takes less than five minutes so relocating the enclosure to a new area is simple and stress-free. You can protect any room as needed with the portable AnteRoom isolation. 


Continuing to serve patients during renovations is crucial for preserving operations and sticking to the budget. Providing top-notch care becomes impossible if the facilities cannot ensure the safety and comfort of patients. However, renovation projects can be expensive, with costs ranging from planning and labor to the required equipment. The AnteRoom provides a cost-effective solution with its quick and easy installation process, which can help you save on your budget and take you on to your next project with the same quality-built AnteRoom. Conducting a cost-benefit analysis can provide insight into how investing in a AnteRoom will affect your budget.

Infection Control

When an infectious disease outbreak occurs, anterooms are crucial to reducing the risk of spreading. However, some normal sicknesses or diseases also benefit from anterooms. No matter the situation, when an isolation room is needed, the AnteRoom will quickly work to isolate any room from the rest of your facility. This enclosure can help staff quickly clean infected clothing and tools, streamlining the process. 

Maintaining Construction

When there is a construction project that involves drilling, sawing, or sanding, it will create dust and debris that can easily travel across your facility. In addition, if painting is involved, it can release harmful solvent vapors. Adding an AnteRoom to any construction zone entry point will eliminate the risk of dust, debris, and vapors from escaping the area. Its easy mobility will allow you to move the anteroom to a new construction site or entrance as needed.

Prioritize Protection With Clean Air

The AnteRoom filters through dust and pathogens to provide clean, safe air. There are a lot of benefits to using any kind of AnteRoom, but HEPACART AnteRooms, in particular, provide additional advantages because they are reusable, which is good for both the environment and your budget, and highly effective at reducing the spread of HAIs and preventable disease in hospital and healthcare facility settings.  

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