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It's Infection Prevention Week: Here are Our Most Popular Infection Prevention Posts

This week marks APIC’s annual International Infection Prevention Week.

APIC reminds us that:

Each of us—patients, families, and healthcare personnel—has an important role to play in keeping patients safe from infection. First and foremost, know the basics of infection prevention. Do your part—and hand hygiene is key! Whether you’re in a healthcare facility or in the community, there are things healthcare professionals, patients, and family members can do to stay safe from infections.

Here on the Hepacart blog, we believe strongly in the importance of infection control and prevention. In fact, it’s a core value of our company and a reason that we first got into the business of dust containment.

To support this important week, we’ve put together a round-up of the most popular infection prevention-related posts on our blog. Take a look.

Infection Control for Facilities Managers: the Complete Guide

We know that it can be difficult for facilities managers to find good information about infection control that’s applicable to their jobs -- that’s why we put together this comprehensive post that sources information from across the spectrum of healthcare infection prevention advocates and experts. Check it out and let us know what you think.

The Art of Containment: Dust Containment and Infection Control

The importance of dust containment was the impetus for the first HEPACART dust containment cart, that we built to specifications received from healthcare professionals. We’re passionate about clean, safe healthcare environments and this post shares a bit about why.

Infection Control Trend: Hospital UV Disinfection

This year, we’ve focused a considerable amount of space on the efficacy of UV disinfection in hospitals. In this post, we get into how UV disinfection works in the hospital environment and how it can be a valuable addition to your infection prevention plans.

The 5 Dirtiest Places in Your Hospital

This isn’t the first year that we’ve paid attention to infection prevention week. A couple of years ago, we wrote this popular post on places in your healthcare facility that might be a bit dirtier and more prone to passing infection than you would expect.

7 Tips to Breathe New Life Into Your Infection Control Training

An informed and engaged staff is a critical piece of the infection prevention puzzle. In this post, we outline a few ways that you can boost the effectiveness of your infection control training to ensure that your whole team is getting the most out of the experience.  


Tips for Infection Control Monitoring in Hospital Construction

Infection prevention is not a "set it and forget it" process. It's important that you're constantly monitoring infection control processes, particularly during a construction project. Thist post from 2016 gives some actionable infection control tips for any facility planning construction or renovation projects. 

That's our round-up for now. We hope you'll find the infection control tips, tricks, and analysis here useful in your journey towards a healthier, safer healthcare facility. 


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