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HEPACART® Standard: Features and Components Included in Every Great Unit

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When your facility completes construction or renovation projects, you already know that the dust and debris kicked up can harm vulnerable populations. So while the need for dust containment and air purification machines is nothing new, it can be challenging to determine which features will make the most positive difference and ultimately keep your facility safe and healthy for everyone inside. Luckily, our vigorously tested and certified line removes the guesswork from selecting the best dust containment machinery. 

Depending on your facility and specific needs related to your construction or renovation project, you may need higher levels of protection as offered by our HEPACART® line of mobile containment equipment. Alternatively, you may find that budget constraints make the DUSTBUGGY® tool a better fit. In this blog, we will discuss these two mobile containment solutions and others that may be the right choice to prioritize the health and safety of your facility’s population. 

Mobile Ceiling Access Carts

Mobile ceiling access carts are dust containment equipment that helps contain airborne debris while construction teams work on ceiling tiles or other construction projects. While other dust containment methods may address the issue of falling dust or other particles once they have fallen out of ceiling panels, mobile ceiling access carts are specially designed to extend upward toward the ceiling to preemptively capture and contain any debris before it has the chance to fall. 

This containment equipment is easy to use and operate and boasts a lightning-fast 2-minute set-up time. This allows mobile ceiling access carts to be incredibly helpful in one area and wherever you need additional air quality support. They also provide storage areas that make moving them from one location to another a breeze - even allowing you to transport other safety supplies easily! 


Our classic DUSTBUGGY is a mobile dust containment cart for those needing the high safety standards of a HEPACART without the added boost of HEPA filtration or a negative air machine. The benefit of this smaller and more economically-priced machine is that the setup time is even faster than the HEPACART, providing facilities with a cost-effective alternative to traditional plastic tent enclosures. 


  • The DUSTBUGGY comes in two sizes: Classic 55 and Classic 74.
  • While the DUSTBUGGY does not have filtration built in, it pairs well with our negative air machines
  • The structure, electrical setup, and enclosure are all the same as the HEPACART® models, with the most significant difference being that no air filtration is included with the DUSTBUGGY.

A significant benefit of the DUSTBUGGY tool is that they are identical to the HEPACART carts except for the filtration systems, so should you decide later on that you do want to include air filtration, this capability can be easily purchased and added on later. 


The original HEPACART Classic offers all of the features of the DUSTBUGGY with the added benefit of best-in-class HEPA air filtration. This unit is designed to make dust containment and infection control in high-risk environments easier to handle without compromising essential safety protocols.


  • The HEPACART Classic is offered in 3 sizes for various project scales, including Classic 55, Classic 74, and Classic 74x
  • The HEPACART Classic offers lab-tested, medical-grade HEPA filtration, proven to remove 99.99% of .03 micron particles from the air.
  • The 3-way electrical switch wire for 120v power is safe and can be controlled in-unit. 
  • Built for longevity, the HEPACART Classic has been a staple for dust containment since 2006, and those first units are still running strong. 


Looking for all of the health and safety benefits of the HEPACART Classic with the convenience of a push-button lift mechanism? Then the HEPACART Auto Lift could be the ideal solution for your healthcare facility’s construction or renovation projects, with mobile air filtration at the push of a button. 

  • The HEPACART Auto Lift provides the same basic features and functionality of the HEPACART Classic, with added convenience and functionality. 
  • The biggest difference between the Classic and Auto Lift HEPACART models is the button-activated lift mechanism added to the HEPACART Auto Lift.
  • The HEPACART Auto Lift is available in two sizes: Auto Lift 55 and Auto Lift 74

CAP Products

“CAP” stands for cabling access point, a productivity and protection tool used to speed up cable installation and minimize exposure to dangerous particles found in the ceiling in healthcare facilities, classrooms, and other environments with lift-out grid ceiling tiles. Pulling wires through the CAP system keeps wires and debris separate and in the ceiling rather than falling into the room below. 

The HEPACART CAP tools are available in eight unique options that specifically accommodate different sizes of ceiling openings, levels of visibility, and cable entry point sizes. Regardless of your needs, there is a HEPACART CAP solution that is best suited for your facility and project type. Additionally, our CAP tools are compatible with any dust containment machines discussed above. 

You Can Work on Your Facility When You Need

When you invest in a high-quality dust containment tool for your facility, you open up the freedom and flexibility to work on your facility whenever needed. These containment carts are ready when you are and are a breeze to set up, take down, and relocate. As a bonus, they all have wheels to make moving from one site to another as easy as possible. 

Health and Safety for Any Budget 

No matter your project or level of budget consciousness, dust containment is a major priority for facility managers overseeing vulnerable populations such as classrooms or medical facilities. Whether the DUSTBUGGY meets your needs or you’re looking for the more robust particle filtration of the HEPACART system, you can rest assured that your investment in a HEPACART air quality solution will serve your facility well when it comes to current and future projects and will promote health and safety for everyone in your facility. 

To start with your dust containment or filtration systems, check out our collection of tried and tested products for mobile containment. To learn more about curating the ideal suite of products for your construction or renovation, download our pricing guide below. Get Pricing Guide

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