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Comparing the Benefits of Containment Cart Rental or Purchase

When you're tasked with making a decision regarding mobile containment for your facility or contracting business, it is difficult to sort through all of the variables.Not only do you have to keep strict containment protocol in mind, but there will always be the issue of staying with budget and the project timeline. How can you be sure that you're getting the best products, stay in budget and complete the project on time.

A good best practice is to evaluate purchase of the unit vs. renting and factoring in the project timeline and job-specific options that may be needed. Generally, the theshold of renting vs. buying comes down to three questions.

How long do I need the containment (3-4 months or more = purchase / Less = rental)  Rental certainly is one way to stay within budget and get the best in mobile dust containment. 

The Benefits of Renting a HEPACART™

When you rent a ceiling access cart from HEPACART, you can save on the initial upfront cost. The HEPACART™ rental program gives you full use of either the HC74U HEPACART™ or the HCAR36 AnteRoom for the duration of the rental period.

By renting one of these products you can expose your staff to the HEPACART™ line and experience the ease of use and durability that the products have to offer. Setting up and using a HEPACART™ is easy to do, even on the first try, but with the rental program you don't have to take that on faith. Just one month of using one our ceiling access carts or AnteRoom models and you will feel like you have been using it your whole life.  

When you realize that you need a HEPACART™ for regular use, at the end of the rental period you can apply 50% of your rental fees to the cost of purchase.

How to Rent a HEPACART™

Access to the HEPACART™ rental program is easy. Prior to shipment, a signed rental agreement and security deposit are required. Once those pieces are in place, the cart or AnteRoom will ship from Merriam, Kansas and arrive in a HEPACART™ crate, ready to deploy immediately. The cost of the rental also includes freight shipping, both ways, for your convenience.

HEPACART™ offers a rent to own program as well. Unlike the rental program, when you rent to own, your facility can choose from any HEPACART™ model and pay the total price over the course of 12 months, upon approved credit. This can be an ideal way to fit the cost of a HEPACART™ into your annual budget gradually.  

Lifetime Cost of Buying a HEPACART™

No matter what your overall budget, a HEPACART™ ceiling access cart, AnteRoom, or Dust Buggy is an investment for your facility. What is important to consider, whether you will rent or buy, is the total cost of the HEPACART™ over its lifetime as well as how it will affect efficiency. If your workers can complete ceiling access and other maintenance projects faster with no increased risk to the facility or containment cart rental protocol, the HEPACART™ will quickly pay for itself.  

No matter what your reason for considering renting a ceiling access cart or AnteRoom, it can be a great way to see firsthand how these units can make your facility operate safely and more efficiently.

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