Meet the Future of High-Level Disinfection

Pathogen Reduction Box 3.0

Disinfect High Touch Items Faster Than Ever

The Pathogen Reduction Box (PRB) is designed to disinfect high touch items that are frequently passed from patient to healthcare worker. The Far-UV SterilrayTM technology used by the PRB is up to 1000 more effective than germicidal UV-C and it works within seconds.

Movable patient items like TV remotes, stethoscopes, pens, glasses, cell phones and more can be major carriers of infectious pathogens, but the PRB has shown 99.999% reduction in MRSA when used correctly. 

Download the Pathogen Reduction Box data sheet for instant access to details about how to put the PRB to work in your facility.  

Download the Pathogen Reduction Box 3.0 Data Sheet